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Low Volume PCB Assembly Services

JHYPCB Offers Low Volume PCB Assembly, Small Batch Prototype PCB Assembly, Low-cost PCB Assembly And Turnkey PCB Assembly Services. JHYPCB's low-volume PCB assembly service can quickly meet your requirements to complete the manufacturing in a short time, and we will also make your PCB assembly easier.

Low Volume PCB Assembly Services With Low-cost And Quick Turnaround

Our low volume PCB assembly services at JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited are amongst the best in China. It is true that there are lots of low volume PCB assembly manufacturers around. However, you need to understand that not all of them can meet your expectations. The best thing is to look for a supplier that has been tested by others in the past to deliver when it comes to rendering premium PCB assembly services. There is no need bothering because JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited is a PCB assembly factory that is existing to ensure your needs are met.

What makes us unique?

Low-volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Low volume PCB assembly service is one of the high-reliability PCB assembly solutions provided by JHYPCB.

Quick Turnaround

Quick turnaround prototype and low volume PCB assembly services are one of our service strengths.

Turnkey Services

JHYPCB provides one-stop turnkey PCB assembly services,includes PCB fabrication, components sourcing and PCB assembly.

PCBA Testing

JHYPCB offers comprehensive PCBA testing and inspection to ensure that products are free of quality defects.

Facts about Low-Volume PCB Assembly Service

The Benefits of Low Volume PCB Assembly You Need to Know.

New Product Introduction

This service has to do with assembling of PCBs in small batches. It could be from 20-5000 PCBs depending on the company you are dealing with or projects you are handling. There are many reasons why you may want to start looking out for any of those low volume PCB assembly factories. For instance, it becomes a necessity whenever you are about to launch a new product. Ordering for low volume PCBs gives you the chance to test out the efficacy of your projects. This is necessary to avoid errors that would have affected a large quantity of production in your project. Another instance is when you are into the manufacturing of printed circuit boards in small batches. In this case, you need such PCBs to be assembled in the timeliest and most affordable manner. This can help you meet needs of clients.


Another benefit is that it gives room for PCB testing. It makes it possible for robust testing mechanisms to be undertaken. Again, this becomes necessary in situations whereby changes in bare board designs will be frequently required. If any alteration wants to be made to the original project, such will be possible. Before delving into production of PCBs in a large scale, such changes are sometimes required. These are the situations where low volume PCB assembly can benefit you.

In all of these, one thing is certain. This is the fact that a trusted and reliable company that can assemble PCBs in the most accurate manner is required. This is where a company such as JHYPCB can be of great help. It means we do not only render prototype services. Also. We are existing to meet the needs of businesses that are looking for low volume PCB assembly services.

Why We Are The Best For Low-Volume PCB Assembly Service?

Just as mentioned above, there are lots of low volume PCB assembly factories that you can choose from. However, you need a company that understands the process inside-out. This is where we have managed to standout amongst other companies that are into rendering of PCB assembly services. For instance, we do not only have the necessary and required facilities for successful low volume PCB assembly.

Also, we have the capacity to render services related to small batch PCB prototypes. We also understand the process of low-cost fabrication. In a nutshell, we have all the facilities that will ensure small batch of PCBs are put together in the most reliable manner.

Our PCB Assembly Qualifications

You can be rest assured that we are the most qualified company around to handle your low volume PCB assembly project. For instance, we can handle any type of PCB assembly related to low volume. These could be Mixed Technology PCB Assembly, Through-Hole Technology (THT), and Surface Mount Technology (SMT). These can be assembled in small batches based on your instructions.

It is also worthy of note to point out that we have a tested and proven approach to spot errors in PCBs. These processes include bill of materials validation, assembly drawings, Gerber files, and circuit diagrams authentication. With all of these, errors will not only be reduced to their barest minimum. Also, turnaround times will definitely be improved to a great extent.

Apart from that, JHYPCB is a company that is fully committed towards the cause of meeting the expectations of its customers. For instance, we have got numerous production lines. With these, shifting between production requirements is easy.

Low-volume PCB Assembly Services
Low-volume PCB Assembly Service

Our Experience In Low-Volume PCB Assembly Service

JHYPCB is a company that is highly experienced when it comes to rendering premium PCB assembly services. This is due to how we have helped people for decades. Whether you are looking for high or low volume PCB assembly services, we are very confident that your request will be perfectly handled. Given the knowledge and experience we have in this field, there is no doubting the fact that all of your needs will be addressed without any compromise.

Over the years, we have come to understand a lot about low and high volume PCB assembly. For instance, our experts can handle single/double-sided, SMT, PTH assembly without hassle. Even if you want all of these combined into a single circuit board for more functionalities, there is no need to bother. This is because they can help out.

Comprehensive PCB Assembly Capabilities

JHYPCB supports all types of PCB assembly, from through-hole technology to surface mount technology. JHYPCB’s PCB assembly capabilities include:

Small Batch PCB Assembly Service
Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

The Best Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

As compared to other companies around that claim to render low volume PCB assembly services, we are capable of handling all of your projects. These include fabrication, assembly and even procurement of materials required. This means we will be saving your time when it comes to dealing with other suppliers. Do you want to know the best part? We do not have any MOQ requirement. It means you are at liberty to choose any quantity of PCB which should be assembled.

There are lots of benefits you can experience when your PCB assembly projects are being handled in one place. For instance, it is easier to reach out to us whenever there is a problem or adjustment is required.

High-Quality PCB Assembly Testing

For quality assurance, we have a superior testing procedure. This is to ensure your PCBs are performing optimally as expected. For instance, we usually perform DFA and DFM checks. This will help in detecting any possible issue that wants to affect the fabrication process in a negative way. Based on your specifications and requirements, a function test will be conducted. 

Low-volume PCB Assembly Testing
Low-volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Pricing Strategy From Your Budget

To provide you with satisfactory PCBA manufacturing services is our service tenet. Our low-volume PCB assembly service is entirely based on your limited budget, so the price will not be high, and you don’t have to worry about the cost of low-volume PCB assembly. As a low-volume PCB manufacturer, we provide cheap PCB fabrication services.

FAQs for low-volume PCB assembly services

Low-volume PCB assembly services are small-batch PCB assembly services provided by PCB assembly manufacturers, with quantities ranging from 20-to 5000.

Low-volume PCB assembly, like prototype PCB assembly, is used to test new products and make any design changes, such as Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT).

Low-volume PCB assembly services enable design and manufacturing defects to be discovered and corrected to save costs before high-volume PCB assembly. You can choose a low-volume PCB assembly factory in China, such as JHYPCB, to quickly and economically produce low-volume PCB assemblies without sacrificing quality.

Yes, our PCB assembly capabilities include mixed technology PCB assembly (THT and SMT, mixed double-sided assembly); soldering technologies include reflow, wave, selective wave soldering, hand soldering, etc.

JHYPCB provides a quick-turn PCB assembly service. The delivery time for consignment small batch PCB assembly is 48-72 hours; the turnkey low volume PCB assembly service delivery time depends on the procurement time of materials (PCB boards, components) and the assembly complexity of the project.

Yes, we provide low volume PCB fabrication services with low cost.

Yes, we will fully comply with the RoHS directive to provide you with lead-free PCB assembly services.

Absolutely. You can trust our low-volume PCB assembly rework service.

Yes. We have one PCB manufacturing factory and PCB assembly factory. We have maintained a close and stable cooperative relationship with significant component distributors and agents and can purchase any components you need at the most cost-effective price.

The price of each low-volume PCB assembly project will vary depending on the quantity of your low-volume PCB assembly and the degree of process difficulty. In any case, we will seek ways to improve cost savings wherever possible for you.

How to request a low-volume PCB assembly quote?

Are you looking for low volume PCB assembly, small batch PCB assembly, small-volume PCB assembly, low-cost PCB assembly, or any other types of custom PCB assembly manufacturer for your next project?

You can email your requirements to sales@pcbjhy.com or submit all your requirements through our online form. The information you need to provide includes quantity, delivery date, BOM, etc.

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