What Constitutes the Cost of PCB Assembly?

PCB assembly costs include the price of labor, work time, technology, and also the quantity of PCBs needed.
PCB Assembly Cost

PCB (printed circuit board) costs are a priority for any electronics designers or manufacturers – both the materials that get in PCBs and therefore the expertise required to create them safe and reliable. But sometimes, even just out of habit, engineers send orders and spec sheets that aren’t optimized to avoid wasting costs. Or even if the other is true, they have a super-intricate design, and their business department is outraged about the ultimate cost.

PCB assembly costs include the price of labor, work time, technology, and also the quantity of PCBs needed. Technicians and engineers alike often wonder about the value of a printed circuit board or how they’ll approach minimizing the prices of their current assembly operations. Overall, though, the price of PCB assembly varies betting on the manufacturer, and also the total number of units manufactured.

The following PCB assembly cost breakdown will provide you with a good and honest overview of how expenses rack up throughout assembly and production. Once you understand these factors, you and a contract manufacturing partner can tweak each element during the look process to attenuate the financial impact.

1. Labor Costs

The geographical location within which the particular production takes place PCBs brings about increased labor costs. The manufacture of printed circuit boards requires skilled human operations and automatic machinery, which increases labor costs. For this reason, manufacturing firms have an incentive to create such boards in locations where labor is comparatively cheaper.

Assuming a turnaround of three days, the typical costs of assembly in North America roughly stand at $1,100 compared to $545 in the People’s Republic of China. It’s important to notice that overseas manufacturing will near costs thanks to handling, shipping, and communication delays. But again, cheap production may include unforeseen costs that you simply must think about before contracting a far-off producer.

2. Cost of Automated Assembly

Automated assembly uses motorized and mechanized devices to hold out several assembly tasks in an assembly cell or line. The overwhelming majority of mechanical assembly manufacturing companies find it manufactured in line with a product’s fixed mounting order. With technology continuing to advance, printed circuit boards are now becoming far more comfortable to manufacture in mass and assemble thanks to machines’ automation.

But with automated machines, the price of assembling printed circuit boards somewhat increases. The value of a PCB assembly will depend upon the mechanized devices want to join them. Sophisticated mechanized tools will see such prices rising as against simple automated SMT). This may make it easy for a pick and place machine to simply pick and place the components on the PCB (PCB assembly machines).

3. Process Cost Drivers

When it involves the manufacture or assembly of printed circuit boards, all additional process steps include extra costs. Process costs go an extended way in affecting the printed circuit board’s overall cost irrespective of the manufacturing firm. as an example, if a printed circuit board undergoes some rapid inspection and testing during assembly, the finished product’s overall price is slightly higher.

All the extra process steps have some associated costs in terms of materials, process times, energy, consumables, and waste treatment. Once such charges get designed in, it becomes very challenging, if not impossible, to attenuate the damage without undertaking some re-design.

PCB Assembly Company

4. Quantity

When it involves production or manufacturing, higher volumes bring on lower assembly costs because of economies of scale. In short, when a producing firm produces goods on an oversized scale, the unit per price of every product drops significantly. the identical is additionally true when it involves the manufacture of printed circuit boards. This economic phenomenon takes place since most of the factors that make assembly prices go up, like programming and startup costs, only impact the initial units that get manufactured.

By increasing the quantity of printed circuit boards, manufacturing companies can save plenty of cash in the long run as they’ll be doing away with one-time costs that don’t require reproduction. Therefore, you wish to figure with manufacturers who can comfortably accommodate large volumes.

5. Turnaround Time and Delivery Time

Customers that demand short turnaround and delivery time can drive the assembly costs of printed circuit boards by nearly one-third –around 33% or more-. Quick turnaround and delivery times somewhat increase assembly costs since it often requires printed circuit board manufacturing companies to place a hold on the orders that they’re handling and prioritize yours. Likewise, expedited shipping, which tends to shorten the turnaround, tends to cost over regular shipping.

6. Material Packaging

When it involves the assembly of printed circuit boards, some parts require intensive labor to package and assemble as required. As an example, some electric equipment like BGAs needs time and energy to package since they have careful connections to a source of electricity.

Since these BGAs accommodate electrical pins, there are high chances of assembly costs popping up dramatically. the explanation because they need to undergo an X-ray examination meant for checking short-circuit issues.

7. Special Parts Preparation Requirements

All the electronic devices that we use daily include several different components. These parts work together to give birth to the specified effect. Once you examine a printed circuit board, you’ll notice that such boards include several different components that each one works together to achieve the board’s desired functionality.

There are different types of printed circuit boards, and a few of them, like flexible printed circuit boards, require different parts. as an example, flexible printed circuit boards are made a touch bit different than the remainder, and their components may come near the general cost of the printed circuit board in the end. But irrespective of the sort of board, there are several essential parts whose preparation will increase the ultimate printed circuit board’s value.


Lately, PCB manufacturing costs seem to possess increased tremendously, with today’s manufacturers using specialized equipment to assemble boards that meet several application requirements. This brings about a rise in overall production costs.

We at JHYPCB concentrate on low-cost PCB assembly. We have a gaggle of qualified and industry-tested engineers with a transparent understanding of the necessity to stay the prices low without compromising the standard of assembling the board. If you need low-cost PCB assembly services, please get connected with us at your earliest convenience.

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