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Manual PCB Assembly Service

Manual PCB assembly that is still not outdated

There is no doubting the fact that manual soldering is quite complicated. For instance, you need a company that can deliver nothing but the best when it comes to quality assurance. It is true that the process of batch production is now automated with machines and other equipment/tools. However, such doesn’t imply that manual soldering is outdated or irrelevant. This is because there are instances when it can prove to be the most viable option. One of such is when your components have special requirements. There are also situations whereby a soldering robot can’t be used. This also requires manual soldering.

Manual PCB Assembly Service

Manual Soldering Service

Manual PCB Assembly Service

The Best PCB Assembly and Soldering Services

Are you searching for a company that can handle the process of PCB assembly fan soldering manually? Do you know that not every PCB assembly supplier really understands this process inside-out? As said above, it is a process that is quite complicated and technical. Trying to hire any company that comes your way to handle such can prove to be disastrous in many ways.

If you are really serious about having a printed circuit board that will guarantee optimum performance in your application, it is crucial you do not hire any of those unproven PCB assembly suppliers to handle manual soldering. The end result is that your application’s lifespan will be shortened to a great extent.

In case you are trying to wonder where the best company which can handle manual soldering can be found, there is no need for such again. This is because you have come to the right place where everything about manual soldering is handled in the most professional manner. JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited remains one of the best PCB assembly suppliers which handles manual soldering.

There is something you need to understand about manual soldering. Such is the fact that your hired or chosen company needs to possess the necessary skills. Anything short of such can prove disastrous as the manual soldering process will be poorly handled. This is why at JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited, all of our operators are constantly trained to meet up with the changing demands of the market. Their knowledge and skills on manual soldering can hardly be rivalled.

How We Carry Out Manual PCB Assembly And Soldering

There is something you may not understand about through hole soldering. This is the fact that such process doesn’t necessarily needs to be automated using a machine or robot. Instead, it can also be done manually. It is true that manual soldering isn’t relevant especially in cases that have to do with batch production. However, there are times when you will need them.

Generally speaking, you need a tested and proven PCB assembly supplier such as JHYPCB that can help render the best of manual soldering services. Don’t forget that this process is being handled by humans. Therefore, failure to use the right operators can bring about premature PCB failure because there will be too many errors.

At JHYPCB, our approach to manual soldering remains one of the best around. Over the years, our experts have managed to develop tested and proven approaches that can be adopted during manual soldering for optimum results. These are:

  • Preparing the iron
  • Ensuring that the surface is clean
  • Having components placed in their right positions
  • Applying the right amount of heat
  • Soldering the right joints

There is one reason why you need to hire our services for manual PCB Assembly and Soldering. This is in the aspect of quality assurance. There are problems you can experience by failing to hire the right PCB assembly company to take care of such process. One of this is that reproducibility will not be guaranteed. Again, there could be lots of errors that will end up affecting your application’s efficiency.

With the vast knowledge and experience that we have acquired in this field over the years, there is no doubting the fact that none of these problems will be experienced after the manual soldering has been completed. We have succeeded in carrying out different types of manual soldering in the past with raving reviews from customers. Our experts understand the dos and don’ts of manual soldering.

Why Hire Us For Manual PCB Assembly And Soldering

While you may want to believe that manual soldering is gradually phasing out and becoming outdated, it is important to note that it has got some benefits over automated soldering. You may be wondering why companies are still using this method during automated PCB assembly.


For instance, manual soldering is required when large components on your printed circuit board are likely to overshadow smaller components. In the reflow process, solder paste will not melt completely when this happens. This is likely to make the final product have some defects. Manual soldering tends to ensure such problem is nonexistent. Both large and small components are likely to be handled equally.

Easy to Repairs and Reworking

Again, manual soldering gives room for repairs and reworking. If a component on the board happens to get damaged, such can be easily removed and replaced by the operator without hassle. It is all about using the right tools to ensure the solder joints are heated properly. Please note that you need an experienced and knowledgeable operator to handle such process. Manual repair or rework is a perfect option especially when it comes to BGAs.

Soldering Special Components

Another advantage of manual soldering is that it tends to be perfect for situations which require special components. This is typical of components that are small in a PCB. They are likely to experience overheating problems. In the end, this affects them from being properly soldered. There is no need being worried because manual soldering can take care of such issue.

How To Get Started Today

Having seen all of the above, it is clear that JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited is the right PCB assembly company to hire when it comes to manual soldering that is of very high quality. Best of all is that our services are not only reliable but also highly affordable.

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