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Low-cost PCB Assembly Services

The final PCB assembly cost depends on a variety of factors. If you are looking for low-cost PCB assembly services, JHYPCB is undoubtedly your best choice. We provide low-cost prototype PCB assembly and low to high volume PCB assembly services.

Are you Looking For Low-cost PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

There is no doubting the fact that the cost of PCB assembly has increased significantly in recent times. There is one major factor that is responsible for such. This has to do with manufacturers using the specialized bases as all as solder mask materials in the assembly of circuit boards. These are usually done to ensure compliance with industry standards. The overall effect of this is that you may end up paying more than expected. There is one way out of this though. Such is hiring the services of a company to handle low-cost PCB assembly.

Are you searching for a company that renders professional low-cost PCB Assembly Services? Do you know that not every company can render this service as expected? For instance, it has been discovered that many companies do actually render low-cost PCB assembly. However, the quality of such circuit boards must have been compromised in most cases. In other words, they can’t deliver or perform as expected.

The Perfect PCB assembly services

When it comes to low-cost PCB assembly services, there is no need to try to search any further. This is because JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited is a company that can meet your expectations. We understand how to render the best of low-cost printed circuit board assembly services without any compromise. Our mission is to ensure the overall cost is minimized in the most efficient manner. Don’t worry about the quality because everything will be intact.

We will adopt various techniques to ensure you are getting the best of services at the lowest possible cost. There is no need to rack your brains as this is our area of specialty. You can rest assured that everything will be carried out based on your instructions.

Our Top PCB assembly Experts

JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited has managed to employ some of the best engineers in the industry. They are highly experienced to render uncompromised services related to PCB assembly. Be rest assured that they will use their expertise to assemble the best PCBs for you. This is because they understand everything about cost and quality management. They will adopt several approaches to ensure the cost is minimized. Simply put, they will ensure the cost is kept very low while the quality of your circuit board will remain high.

Low-cost PCB Assembly Experts

Hire Us For PCB assembly services

It is true that there are numerous PCB board assembly manufacturers. These companies make lots of claims to convince you into signing up for their services. The truth is that low-cost PCB assembly requires experienced hands. Anything short of such can bring about disappointment and disaster. The problem is that very few companies can actually handle low-cost PCB assembly services.

This is because it requires lots of technicalities. For instance, the experts need to spot or identify the right materials to be used. Of course, these materials must be available at prices that are very low. Also, they must of the highest quality. Apart from the above, there are several reasons why you should consider hiring us today at JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited.

High Reliable PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Our PCB assembly Capabilities

JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited is a company that has all the necessary capacities to render any kind of service related to low-cost circuit board assembly. Our records over the years have been very impeccable. This is because we have handled different kinds of projects of such nature in the past with huge success. The experience and knowledge of our engineers is something that can hardly be disputed. They understand various areas like:

There are other reasons why our PCB board assembly services are very much trusted. We have managed to win the hearts of clients over the years due to our tested and proven approaches to minimize the cost of the entire process of PCB board assembly without the quality being affected. These include minimizing of layer count, ensuring vias are carefully arranged, choosing the ideal surface finish, usage of components that comply with industry-standard, avoidance of internal cutouts, minimizing of board size, using the recommended board shape, and many more. All of these are done to ensure you don’t spend above your budget.

It is one thing to hire a company that renders services related to low-cost PCB board assembly. However, always remember that you need a company that has seen it all when it comes to rendering services of this nature. At JHYPCB, our expertise extends to areas like RoHS 6 & RoHS 5 compliant assemblies, lead-free assembly, fast turnaround assemblies, multilayered, single or double-sided assembly, and PTH or SMT technologies.

Our Happy Clients

There is one major area where we have managed to stand out over the years. This is being able to render services that are of the highest quality to various categories of clients. In other words, we have served clients in different fields. These could be companies in areas like aerospace, electronics, automobiles, medicine, mining, and many others. This is a sign that we have seen it all when it comes to low-cost PCB assembly.

Low Cost PCB Assembly Service
Low Cost PCB Assembly

Certified PCB assembly Services

JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited is a company that renders services that are certified. We don’t just make use of materials of very high quality. Also, we ensure they are in line with industry standards. Your circuit boards will be assembled in the safest manner to ensure nothing goes wrong. There is no doubting the fact that with us around, you will definitely get value for money. Imagine getting access to circuit boards that have been assembled in the safest and most budget-friendly manner.

Assured Quality for PCB Assembly

In order to ensure guaranteed quality after completing the PCB assembly services, we carry out some series of testing. This is to detect or identify possible errors that can undermine the overall performances of such circuit boards. Regardless of your batch size, we have strict testing protocols that must be observed. Therefore, you can be rest assured that every circuit board will be tested prior to their dispatch.

Low-cost PCB Assembly Service
Low-cost PCB Assembly

Markets Served

JHYPCB is located in China; our goal is to provide high-reliability PCB assembly services with very competitive low cost and faster delivery time. When you need low-cost PCB assembly services, you can benefit from our lowest manufacturing costs and experienced staff. Our customer base is distributed in the following industries.

  • Motherboard
  • Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Medical equipment
  • Lighting industry
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automobile industry
  • Aerospace

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