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First Article Inspection

As an experienced and responsible PCB assembly supplier, jhypcb provides comprehensive PCB assembly testing and inspection services, including first article inspection.

What is First Article Inspection?

First Article Inspection is a business process for PCB assembly services and is a comprehensive review of the engineering documentation and the assembly process. First Article Inspection, important for both the PCB assembly service buyer and the supplier (manufacturer), is used to determine whether the manufacturing process can consistently deliver compliant parts.

First Article Inspection includes components management, manual visual inspection, solder paste insertion, automated optical inspection, X-ray inspection, flying prober testing, etc.

The First Article Inspection is also compared with the manufacturing drawings to ensure that all components are installed correctly.

Your Printed Circuit Boards are the backbone of your electronic products. Why compromise quality and choose a different manufacturer with no quality assurance process. At JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., we are one of the few PCBA manufacturers in China with a complete quality control process. We offer one of the most innovative and reliable PCBA processes to create the most durable and smartest electronic devices.

First Article Inspection
Our approach

How we execute our First Article Inspection

To ensure that the manufacturing process is correct and the product quality is consistent, we provide the First Article Inspection service, and we will continue after approval.

JHYPCB is a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) company in China that carries out First Article Inspections on all assembled PCBs. The FAI is a very rare type of inspection. Not all PCB manufacturing and assembly companies conduct the test. However, at JHYPCB, you get the best First Article Inspection tests and inspections. This means testing the first PCBs that have been fabricated in the production line. Sometimes, this is usually a random sample from our first PCB production run. At this stage, the tests that we carry out are used to check the suitability of the PCBs to the requirements of the customer. This test will also help us check the suitability of the manufacturing process to meet the needs of the customer. Many other PCB assembly facilities usually miss several details with their testing and inspection processes. But at JHYPCB, we conduct a critical and comprehensive First Article Inspection to ensure that all PCBs have met the requirements of the customer. The primary aim of the test at this stage is to determine the ability of the manufacturing process to produce high-quality PCBs. Any deviations or defects discovered are quickly resolved to enable the manufacturing process to continue. We also conduct a First Article Inspection on all prototypes and pre-production samples.

A production strategy guided by best industry practices

JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., is a traditional manufacturer of quality PCB products. We have the First Article Inspection services as part of our quality control operations. JHYPCB offers a rigorous first article inspection service. This is to make sure that we gain approval and validation from our customers. This way, the quality of our products is validated before we commence to fully produce the PCB products. Our quality will not be guaranteed without our FAI (First Article Inspection) services. The FAI process involves a series of testing and inspection that we subject the PCBs to. They are usually tested with each production stage. All PCBs in our production lines are given high priority during the inspection process. This is how we can verify that our products have been programmed and calibrated properly. This is also used to provide some assurance that the PCBs will function correctly. The FAI process incorporates a set of holistic techniques to verify the quality of all manufactured and assembled PCBs.

Our First Article Inspection Procedure

JHYPCB is a quality-focused PCB manufacturer in China that uses a strict quality assurance policy to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. With so many customers to cater to, we have been able to integrate various quality control operations as part of our production process. This means that we can meet the various demands of our customers. Customers request various PCB characteristics and components. This is why each production project has its inherent set of risks. Due to this variation in customer needs, we have integrated the FAI process to help us check and verify the quality of all PCBs that comes from our facility.

Our FAI processes are usually executed by the head of the quality assurance team. We usually conduct the first article inspection in cases like:

  • When there is a new product in the production line
  • When there is a new process
  • When there is a change in the production process
  • When there is a change in the product specification
  • When there is a new material source or a change of sources
  • When there is a change in the tools used
  • When there is a change in the supply chain
  • The first piece of a regular product batch
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JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited is a well-respected manufacturer and supplier of the best PCB products. We are a China-based supplier of quality and customized PCBs to various manufacturers. We offer excellent PCB business-to-business services that are guided by best industry practices. We are a reliable and trusted PCB assembly and manufacturing company that is based in China. We offer quality services like:

Prototype PCB assembly: We can design and create prototypes to be able to demonstrate your product ideas. We can create, design, and produce any type of prototype regardless of the technicalities involved.

Quick turn PCB assembly: You can depend on our accelerated services to deliver your materials on time. Our quick turnaround PCB assembly services have empowered many companies to meet strict delivery timelines.

Turnkey PCB assembly: We can handle all the activities needed to produce your product. From design, and prototyping, to manufacturing. We will handle every part of the manufacturing and supply process.

Components sourcing services: JHYPCB offers excellent sourcing services. This means that we leverage our strong supply chain network to get you the most elusive PCB and electronics components.

Various reasons why JHYPCB is your best China-based PCBA company

When it comes to the assembly of PCBs, your best partner is JHYPCB. We have a combination of a state-of-the-art facility and a strong supply chain network. We have been in the PCB assembly for many years. We have been able to eliminate inefficiencies from our processes and focused on continuous improvement. This has given us the competitive edge to offer unique PCBA services that are not common in the industry. some of the benefits that we offer to your business include (but are not limited to):

Save costs: We have been able to incorporate excellent economics into our production processes. We help you simplify all processes and supply tasks by using a streamlined and efficient approach that will help you save lots of money.

Make things a lot easier: JHYPCB is a company that has a very strong supply network to simplify material sourcing. You do not need to partner with multiple vendors when sourcing your material components.

Established processes: JHYPCB has established processes to readily produce your PCBs. We have existed for many years and have grown stronger with our service deliveries.

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