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Partial & Full Consignment PCB Assembly Service

JHYPCB offers partial consigned PCB assembly, full onsignment PCB Assembly and turnkey PCB assembly service with high reliable and high quality.

Unrivalled Consigned PCB Assembly Service

In normal PCB assembly services rendered by JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited, we tend to handle all of the entire process. These could be purchasing of raw materials based on specifications of clients, the entire designing process and manufacturing. On the other hand, there are periods when you may decide to handle the procurement of materials which can be used for PCB assembly. Our role is to get the components you have procured and commence the assembly process. The truth is that consignment PCB assembly is not as easy and straightforward as many people think.

Don’t forget that you are getting custom materials that can meet your exact specifications. The problem is that you need a company with very vast level of experience in order to ensure the right PCB assembly services are rendered. This is where you will need the expertise of JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited. Do you want to find out why we are the best consignment PCB assembly supplier amongst others? Just read on to fine out more about what we can offer once hired. Of course, one of the reasons why you want to handle the procurement of materials is to get the best of quality in terms of specifications and customizations.

Our approach

The Truth About Consignment PCB Assembly

While many of our customers choose our full turnkey PCB assembly service, where we take care of PCB fabrication, component sourcing, assembly and testing, others prefer to provide some or all of their own parts. That’s why we also offer consignment and partial consignment PCB assembly services.

The problem is that many people pay too much attention to materials they have incurred. They ignore the companies to be used. This is very wrong as you will not get value for money without the right company. To get the best consigned PCB assembly services, it is very important you are signing up with the right company. There is no need being worried though. This is because JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited is a company that has all the credentials when it comes to rendering services of this nature.

Over the years, we have rendered different types of consigned PCB assembly services to various clients. The best part is that we have gotten lots of applauds and positive reviews from these people. These are proofs that we are capable of handling your project. Be rest assured that there won’t be any complaint.

Consignment PCB Assembly Service

Consignment PCB Assembly Service

A complete consignment PCB assembly service means that you need to provide all the materials required for PCB assembly, including PCB board, components, SMT stencil, etc., while we provide you with pure PCB assembly services. Consignment PCB assembly is suitable for you to manufacture expensive products with exclusive parts.

Partial consignment PCB assembly service

Partial consignment PCB assembly is in addition to complete consignment PCB assembly. In this process, customers provide some PCB assembly parts, such as PCB boards or some components, and PCB assembly manufacturers provide services for the rest. Partial consignment PCB assembly services are available where you can only find or have specific parts in stock or lack manufacturing capacity and require the PCB assembly manufacturer to do the rest.

JHYPCB can provide you with complete turnkey PCB assembly, whole consignment PCB assembly, and partial consignment PCB assembly services. We accept the following packaged parts: reels, tubes, trays, partial reels, cut tape, and bulk.

How Our Consigned PCB Assembly Services Work

At JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited, we do understand that consigned PCB assembly is all about ensuring your specifications are met. In order to ensure our PCB assembly process is timely, we will work closely with your in-house supply chain. We will commence the assembly process once components and parts have been received.

Why Choose Consignment PCB Assembly?

It has been discovered that many people don’t know the reason why they should choose a consigned or turnkey PCB assembly service. Without such knowledge and understanding, it will be very difficult to really get the benefits that such option offers. Talking about benefits of consignment PCB assembly, there are some that will be revealed below.

Quality Control Benefit

Just as said earlier on, consigned printed circuit board assembly is all about the customer handling the process of raw material procurement. In this case, he will ensure the PCB aligns with their requirements. Sometimes, there are qualities or features you want a circuit board to possess. Such can become a reality through consigned PCB assembly. This is because you will have greater control in terms of purchasing the best of materials.

Reduced Manufacturing Costs

Are you looking for how to reduce your PCB assembly cost? Do you know that trying to handle the material procurement process is a great way to knock down the cost? Whether you are exploring options like Plated Through Hole (PTH), Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) or mixed technology, be rest assured that we are here to serve you better at JHYPCB.

Reduce Turnaround Time

The way consignment PCB assembly is done is that the customer provides the necessary components and materials, thus eliminating the process and waiting time for the manufacturer to purchase the PCB and parts. With the assembly capabilities of a PCB assembly manufacturer, customers can quickly obtain their assembled products and reduce turnaround time.

Our Consigned PCB Assembly Capabilities

JHYPCB is a company that is existing to ensure you are rendered nothing but the best. This is why we remain the best consignment PCB assembly supplier. This implies that we will render top-notch and unrivalled consignment PCB assembly services.

Below are some of what we can offer once hired today.

  • 100% RoHS 6 and RoHS 5 compliant PCB assemblies
  • For PCB assemblies, we are capable of handling projects that require surface mount technology, or even plated through hole. If you want a project that requires both, feel free to contact us.
  • We have the capacity to provide consignment PCB assemblies that are either leaded or lead-free. It all depends on your needs.
  • We are also capable of rendering quick turn prototype services for these kinds of assemblies.
  • We adopt the most advanced methods during consigned PCB assembly process to ensure your needs and specifications are met.
  • We have highly sophisticated and modern pieces of equipment to render uncompromised consigned PCB assembly services.

Why Trust Us As The Best Consignment PCB Assembly Supplier

Apart from the above, there are many reasons why we have proven to be steps ahead of other companies that also render PCB assembly related services. For instance, over the years, we have managed to build a solid reputation amongst our clients. We are known for delivering timely services. It doesn’t really matter whether you want such PCBs assembled within short space of time. This is because we are always up to the task of delivering.

The entire process is fully accelerated due to our state-of-the-art automated machinery. With such, there is going to be shorter lead time. Another reason why we are using such tools is to reduce errors during the process of PCB assembly. Finally, expect nothing but the best due to our strict and stringent quality control measures in place. Some of them are automated optical inspection, X-ray inspection, and in-circuit testing.

Cost-Effective Solutions You Can Rely On

It is true that we render one of the most complete consignment PCB assembly services in the market. It is also true that our services are highly affordable. You can save lots of money and still have your PCBs assembled as expected. This is what we are offering to other clients like you. Contact our support team for more details.

Consigned PCB Assembly Service


The consignment PCB assembly service allows customers flexibility and freedom in the PCB assembly process and reduces turnaround time. A consignment PCB assembly service means that the customer provides all or some of the components and bare PCB boards, and the PCB assembly manufacturer provides the assembly service. Whether the customer chooses a consignment PCB assembly or a turnkey PCB assembly, the PCB assembly manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the PCBA.

Turnkey PCB assembly is the best solution for electronic engineers. Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer provides one-stop electronic manufacturing services, including PCB manufacturing, component sourcing, assembly, and testing services.

Absolutely. We have the manufacturing capacity of 1-64 layers rigid PCB and 1-10 layers flexible PCB.

Learn more about our PCB manufacturing capabilities.

Yes, As a supporting service for PCB assembly, we provide SMT stencil production service.

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