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PCB Manufacturing Services In China

Printed circuit boards are custom products. Different industries and different applications require specially manufactured printed circuit boards. JHYPCB is a rare Electronic Manufacturing Service company, providing one-stop contract manufacturing services, including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, component procurement, DFM and DFT check, PCBA testing, etc.

In order to continuously improve our production capacity, we are constantly updating our capabilities and equipment to be able to provide printed circuit boards suitable for your application requirements. JHYPCB is well aware of the special needs of customers, we can provide highly reliable, high-quality PCB board manufacturing services with the shortest turnaround time.

Our PCB manufacturing facility has the best equipment, technology, industry-leading talent and innovation. The best service we provide also helps you keep your products competitive.

Whether it is rigid FR-4 PCB, flex PCB, rigid-flex PCB, HDI PCB, impedance control PCB, high frequency PCB, BGA PCB, aluminum PCB or other types of PCB, we have the absolute advantage of low cost and manufacturing capability.

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Contact Information
  • TEL: 0086-13825274100
  • WhatsApp: 0086-13825274100
  • WeChat: 0086-13825274100
  • sales@pcbjhy.com
  • Skype: live:sales_90105

File Requirements
  • PCB Gerber file (RS-274X available) for PCB manufacturing inquiry;
  • BOM (Bill of materials) for PCB assembly inquiry.