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LED PCB Assembly Service

As a premium provider of world-class LED PCB assembly service, you can depend on our expertise to produce products with zero defects.

PCB Assembly Services (PCBA) China Manufacturer

When it comes to PCB assembly services in China, you will want to depend on a reliable company. Due to the high demand for electronic components, there has been an increased need for PCB components. This is where JHYPCB helps bridge up the supply chain. We are an industrial electronics assembly company from China that specialises in the assembly of PCB components. We have successfully helped many companies create custom PCBs, while also ensuring that we cater to the mass production markets.

LED Printed Circuit Board Assembly Service

Looking for effective LED PCB assembly services?

We also execute a top-notch LED PCB assembly service to help our clients meet the PCB demands. Today, we have many LED light devices that are used in various scenarios and environments. Every day, more lighting systems are replaced with simple LED lighting systems. When it comes to LED (light-emitting diode) PCBs, JHYPCB is among the best assembly services company. JHYPCB have been able to successfully execute hundreds of projects that involve LED PCB assembly services. We are known for producing top-notch products and services. We are capable of LED PCB assembly services of all sizes and types.

LED PCB Assembly

The assembly of LED PCB can be difficult since the metal core PCBs (copper and aluminium alloy) are created to transmit heat out of the soldered pads since copper and aluminium are good heat conductors. If you have a poor LED PCB assembly operation, you can have a final product that comes with so many defects like pointing errors, LED misalignment, poorly soldered joints, and many others.

A topnotch LED PCB assembly service

As a premium provider of world-class LED PCB assembly service, you can depend on our expertise to produce products with zero defects. All our LED PCB products come with 100% assurance of quality. We have a quality assurance department that ensures that all products meet the requirements of today’s electronic devices. Also, our LED PCB assembly services are executed in such a way that the final product can function effectively in harsh and extreme environments.

When it comes to our LED PCB assembly services, we are familiar with many top brands for LED chips. We work with these chips on the particular LED PCB to produce efficient LED PCB products for vehicle, horticulture, entertainment, architectural, directional, and high-grade portable applications. Many LED PCB companies usually have difficulties in assembling many LEDs. However, you can rely on JHYPCB to get the job done. Our in-house assembly team have the experience and expertise needed to develop industrial procedures to assemble all types of LEDs.

Application of our LED PCB products

We are highly specialised in the assembly of LED PCB products that we come across various chips daily. We know how to work with many brands of LED chips. We have in-house engineers in our assembly team to help clients choose the most economical and cost-effective LED chips that are suitable for their applications. When it comes to the world of consumer electronics, JHYPCB has been able to assemble a wide range of LED PCBs that have been used for various applications. Among some of the most common applications of our LED PCBs are:

Consumer electronics: We have been able to assemble a wide range of LED PCB designs and configurations. These have been used on various consumer electronics like washing machines, ovens, air fryers, and many other domestic appliances.

Medical equipment: Our LED PCB assembly services have also been able to benefit the healthcare sector by producing efficient and effective medical devices. This is made possible by its ability to conduct heat.

Telecommunication services: We have also contributed to the production of various telecommunication components.

Aerospace: JHYPCB has also helped the aerospace industry by producing various engineered LED PCB products for operating various systems in aerospace engineering.

Automotive products: Our LED PCB assembly services have also been able to impact the automotive industry by producing LED-powered devices.

Traffic control LEDs and signal lights: Our LED PCB assembly expertise is a major contributor to the production of modern traffic control lights and signals lighting systems.

Elevators: We have also been able to carry out professional and exclusive LED PCB assembly services to cater to the demands of elevator manufacturers.

Concealed lights: Our LED PCB assembly services have also been used to revolutionise the concealed lighting Industry.

Decorative lights: We have also been able to create and assemble reliable LED PCB products for the production of decorative lights.

Solar power: We also offer professional LED PCB assemble services to cater to the solar power industry.

The best PCB assembly services: Why you need to choose JHYPCB

When it comes to the most efficient PCB assembly in China, you can rely on JHYPCB. JHYPCB has invested in a total industrial solution to enable it to provide a complete PCB assembly service. We are one of the best companies in China to cater to all the needs of the consumer when it comes to PCB assembly. We are also known for prototype PCB assembly services. This includes the process of design to the alignment of layers. Also, the quick-turn PCB assembly service offers you the fastest way to get your products available in the market. We help ensure that your products get no delay in becoming available in a highly competitive market. With JHYPCB, regardless of complex your designs are, you are sure of getting the shortest turnaround times.

JHYPCB offers quality and top-notch components sourcing services for a wide range of clients. You can depend on our quick and streamlined procurement services to help you source various components for your PCBs. Our procurement expertise comes from our ability to put together an effective and efficient supply chain.

Our effective components procurement and assembly services make it possible for us to deliver excellent Turnkey PCB assembly services. This means that you can depend on JHYPCB for a complete turnkey solution for your PCB products. We will handle everything that has to do with your PCB assembly process: from sourcing of the right components to the production of the product. With our turnkey PCB assembly services, you are sure to get your complete product faster than other companies.

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