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Global PCB Assembly Services
PCB Assembly

Streamline Your PCB Assembly Process with Our Global Services

JHYPCB offers high-quality and efficient PCB assembly global services, including logistics management, cross-cultural communication, and compliance with international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and RoHS. With our professional and attentive services, we aim to build long-term relationships with customers worldwide.

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Custom PCB Assembly Services
PCB Assembly

Custom PCB Assembly: Meeting Your Unique Demands

Custom PCB assembly provides tailor-made circuit boards that meet specific requirements. JHYPCB offers a range of custom PCB assembly services including quick turn, turnkey, low-cost, design consultation, and special process customization. Our team of experts provides efficient prototyping, material sourcing, quality control, and communication to ensure customer satisfaction.

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How To Order PCB Assembly
PCB Assembly

How To Order PCB Assembly?

For you to know how to order PCB assembly, you should know how the process is performed. It is important to choose a suitable PCB assembly manufacturer.

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What is PCB Assembly
PCB Assembly

What is PCB Assembly?

What is PCB Assembly? PCB Assembly service is an important stage in the development process of an electronic device. It means mounting electronic components on the printed circuit board.

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Example of a set of BOM entries prepared in Excel
PCB Assembly

What is the BoM of a PCB Assembly?

BOM – Bill of Materials is a listing of the raw materials, parts, and assemblies likewise because of the required quantity of every needed for a particular product manufacturing.

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PCB Assembly Materials
PCB Assembly

Guide to PCB Assembly Materials

There is no doubting the fact that the quality of your circuit boards depends on the materials that have been used in its manufacturing and assembly. In order to understand everything about pcb assembly, it is crucial you know the kind of materials used in producing them.

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File Requirements
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