Leading 10 PCB Manufacturer in Spain

Here is a list of the leading 10 PCB manufacturers in Spain. PCB manufacturing company and supplier in Spain offers high-quality PCB fabrication services.
PCB Manufacturers in Spain

Spain represents an exciting destination for many electronics enthusiasts, myself included. The dynamism of the electronics industry, defined by favorable regulations, has given rise to significant investments and the emergence of electronic assembly services limited companies. So, getting a top electronic assembly service limited company can’t be that difficult, right? Well, the truth, contrary to what you may think, lies in the fact that choosing an EAS provider in Spain can be a challenge.

If you want a top-notch assembly service provider for your electronic products, you have to get the best EAS (Electronic Assembly Services) company in Spain. There are many electronics manufacturing and assembly companies in the country. Also, we all understand how hard it can be to choose one of the best Electronic Assembly Services Limited companies from this group of electronic assembly solution providers. It’s easy to get rambling and end up with the wrong choice for your electronic assembly service needs. Here we will tell you the best PCB manufacturing companies in Spain.

Top 10 PCB Manufacturer in Spain
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    1. Circuitos Impresos,s.a.

    Located in central Spain since 1965, with facilities covering 6,000 square metres, CISA, Circuitos Impresos, S.A. is a leader and pioneer in the development and manufacture of printed circuit boards.

    As a manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions for the PCB world, CISA, Circuitos Impresos, S.A. is able to meet all your requirements, from the design stage all the way through to the manufacture, assembly and programming stages. It can take up your project at any point you choose and take it however far you need.

    PCB Design/PCB Layout

    Work from simple ideas to design and create the best layout for your PCB

    • Design of electronic layouts.
    • Design of printed circuits.
    • Design of graphic environments.
    • Integration of PCB systems.
    • Software and firmware.
    • Development of apps (iOS/Android).

    PCB Manufacturing

    Manufacture all manner of PCBs, and work with all materials

    PCB Assembly

    Have assembly lines for both SMT and THT boards

    • SMD processes.
    • High-speed surface assembly.
    • High-precision surface mounting.
    • Wave soldering.
    • AOI inspection.
    • Functional testing.
    • Supply of screens.
    • SMT & THD.
    • Double-sided SMT and/or THD.
    • Manual soldering.
    • RoHS and Non-RoHS solder.

    2. CIRLAN s.l.

    CIRLAN s.l. – PCB Manufacturer – Your industrial partner – Quality assurance is guaranteed.

    Since 2009 Cirlan has offered a broad range of printed circuit boards, both single sided PCB, double sided PCB, multilayer PCB, non-metallized and metal core boards for LED technology.

    Single sided printed circuit board

    • Circuit thickness: 0.80 – 1.00 – 1.20 – 1.60 – 2.40 – 3.00mm
    • Copper thickness: 35µ – 70µ – 105µ
    • Circuit finish: Immersion Tin (Imm.Sn) – Immersion Gold (Ni/Au) – Electrolytic Gold (with no thickness limit) – Electrolytic Nickel (with no thickness limit)
    • Production cir. max. dimension: 590 mm x 495 mm
    • Track width / Between track: 0.20 / 0.20 mm

    IMS-“metal core”aluminum or copper circuit boards

    These materials are especially intended for circuit boards whose thermal dissipation needs are high.

    • Copper thickness: 1.00 – 1.50 – 2.00 – 3.00 mm
    • Copper thickness: 35µ – 70µ -105µ
    • Circuit finish: H.A.L.- O.S.P.
    • Work panel dimension: 510 mm x 610 mm
    • Production cir. max. dimension: 590 mm x 495 mm
    • Track width / Between track: 0.20 / 0.20 mm

    Double sided metallized printed circuit board

    • Material Type: CEM3, FR4 Tg 135ºC, FR4 CTI 0, FR4 Tg 150ºC AntiCAf, FR4 Tg 170ºC AntiCAf, FR4 Tg 150ºC AntiCAf-Halogen free CTI 2
    • Base Copper: 17-35-70 µm
    • Drilling aspect ratio: 6:1
    • Minimum diameter drill hole: 0,30 mm

    Multilayer printed circuit board

    • Material Type: CEM3, FR4 Tg 135ºC, FR4 CTI 0, FR4 Tg 150ºC AntiCAf, FR4 Tg 170ºC AntiCAf, FR4 Tg 150ºC AntiCAf-Halogen free CTI 2
    • Total thickness: 0.8-2.4
    • Maximum number of layers: 8 Layers

    3. Cipsa Circuits

    Another top-notch, highly reliable professional electronics manufacturing company is Cipsa Circuits. This company is located in Barcelona Spain. If you are having been living in Spain for a while, you probably know that Cipsa Circuits is one of the main and big PCBs. Manufacturing and P.C.B. It is clear that this company is one of the most reliable and references for the manufacture of C.B., P.C.B. Assembly and templates in your home or office space.

    Its P.C.B types are more reliable and trustworthy. Assembly products include:

    The company also offers its electronic manufacturing and assembly services based on various popular and in-demand industries/use niches, including communications, appliances, automotive, energy, aerospace, industrial, and medical devices.

    4. Circuitos Impressos 2CI, SL

    Circuitos Impressos 2CI, SL has established itself as one of the best PCB assembly manufacturers in Spain. From designing advanced prototypes to introducing new technologies, they have made a huge difference in multiple fields, especially aviation, medicine, healthcare, etc. With international recognition of products and services, the company strives to manufacture IC substrates for computers, mobile phones, portable music players and cameras.

    Circuitos Impressos 2CI, SL proudly owns a workforce of 9500 employees in Spain as well as a large number of production units, each working on specific technologies and categories. Theis Austrian unit operates on the Spanish market and makes every effort to maintain good customer relations, specialized PCBS applications and timely production for orders. Korean and Indian units produce small and medium batches of Spanish PCB prototypes for the automobile industry. Circuitos Impressos 2CI, SL is proud to have the following main products under the PCB name:

    Offered Products:

    5. Elco PCB

    Elco PCB has manufactured printed circuit boards since 1970. Elco PCB has recently been leading the Spanish market due to excellent leadership and strategic decisions. Elco PCB is serving the European market with its incredible products and services. After some time, the company was manufacturing a wide range of PCB products, after which it started reporting annual profits of more than $2 billion. The main reason behind this huge success was its ability to position itself as a one-stop destination for tech-savvy Hispanic consumers. Elco PCB focuses on working with small volume high-tech products for various customers belonging to industries like renewable energy and automobile.

    Moreover, they have expanded themselves to the extent that they can now produce high-end PCB prototypes for Spain. One thing that makes this printed circuit board manufacturer a more suitable option is their after-sales service, where they can take the items to their main company in Spain to resolve the issue – as their equipment is more expensive. They are prepared there. In addition, customers can contact Elco PCB for the following products:

    Products offered:

    • Aluminum PCB
    • Flexible PCB
    • PCB Prototype
    • Online PCB Design
    • PCB fabrication
    • Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex

    6. ELATE, SA

    High Technology Electronics (ELATE S.A.) is prepared and aware to respond to the demands of Quality, Speed ​​and Flexibility in delivery times, which European Electronic companies need. Currently, it has a production capacity of 30,000 square meters of printed circuit boards per year and facilities of 2,000 square meters.

    Thanks to the experience of the technical team, a solution can be given to a wide range of products, such as Double-Sided Circuits, Multilayers, Epoxy-Glass laminates, etc.

    ELATE S.A. apart, has also focused on the manufacture of prototypes, short series and special and high-tech printed circuits.

    Printed circuits and assembly of electronic circuits are manufactured, which are the most demanded services of the company. In addition, it has the ability to manufacture and assemble the circuits in just 3-4 working days. A number that marks the values ​​they adopt such as quality, speed, flexibility, experience and safety.

    Its specialties are, among others, PCB, PCBA, printed circuits, assembly of electronic circuits, manufacturing, special projects, double-sided circuits, multilayer circuits, epoxy-glass laminates, solder mask, technical office, advice, CNC drilling and control of quality.


    With our urgent prototype service, it is possible to manufacture your Printed Circuit, both prototypes and series in parts of 2 working days.

    PCB manufacturing

    • Single sided and double-sided boards
    • Multilayers boards
    • HDI Multilayers boards
    • Printed circuit boards with high copper thickness
    • IMS Printed circuit boards
    • Flex printed circuits boards
    • Special boards, non-standard printed circuit boards.

    Assembly of printed circuits

    Our new PRINTED CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY service allows us to manufacture and assemble your Printed Circuits from 3-4 business days.

    7. Eurocir

    Eurocir came to be in 1991 backed by the illusions of a great human team with technological and business expertise in the printed circuit boards sector. Since its founding, Eurocir bases its strategy on two main pillars: excellent Customer Services and Qualityimplanted in all the companies processes. Eurocir over the years has established itself as a leader in the manufacture of printed circuit boards thanks to the formation of a team committed to the values and vision of its founders.


    • IMS PCBs
    • Double-sided printed circuit board with metallized holes (plated through hole, PTH)
    • Multilayer PCB – 4 to 12layers
    • Flexible PCB – 25,000㎡/month
    • AluFlex PCB – Metallic substrae+Flexible PCB, Semiflexible

    HEADQUARTERS: Eurocir SAU Av. Salvatella 51-57 08210 Barberà del Vallés Barcelona. (Spain)

    8. FAST PCB, SL

    FAST PCB, SL – Manufacture your printed circuit board from start to finish.

    FAST PCB, SL 1995 Creation of the company in Irún.

    2002 Implementation EKOSCAN New industrial warehouse for the exclusive manufacture of single-sided circuits.

    2008 New multilayer manufacturing line for the manufacture of prototypes and small series.

    2018 New AOI for optical analysis of plates and inner layers.


    Multilayer PCBs

    Utilize state-of-the-art AOI to inspect all multi-layer PCB boards and conduct electrical testing at the end of manufacturing.

    Single Sided PCB

    Manufacture of single-sided aluminum printed circuit boards for various industries such as aerospace, medical and automotive

    Double-sided PCB

    Mainly produces small and medium-sized series of double-sided printed circuit boards.


    When a new design is made, it is necessary to test it, check that it responds correctly. For this, prototypes are manufactured. That check should be as close as possible to what will later be the production of series.

    Delivery Time

    • Simple Face: Standard 3 Working Days / Urgent 2 Working Days
    • Double Sided: Standard 5 Working Days / Urgent 3 Working Days
    • Multilayer: Standard 7 Working Days / Urgent 5 Working Days

    Add: C/Gabiria, 72 – Pol. Ind. Ventas 20305 Irún – Gipuzkoa


    Gallega de Circuitos Electrónicos, S.L. was officially founded in December 1998, although its true beginnings as a printed circuit manufacturer date back to 1958.

    Gallega de Circuitos Electrónicos, S.L. has over 35 years of history manufacturing the most stringent electronics and today is a market

    leader; the only company of its kind in Galicia and one of the most important in Spain.

    Printed Circuits

    • Single-layer printed circuits
    • Double-layer printed circuits
    • Mulitilayer printed circuits
    • Multilayer printed circuits-HDI
    • IMS printed circuits (copper or aluminum)
    • Printed circuits with thick copper layers
    • Flexible printed circuits
    • Rogers fibre or Teflon printed circuits


    Rúa da Benéfica de Conxo, 17

    15706 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

    10. Lab Circuits

    Founded in 1972, Lab Circuits is an independent company with 4.000m2 facilities. Nowadays, it is formed by a team of 75 high specialized professionals and committed to the philosophy of offering the best service to the client. Lab Circuits manufactures printed circuits boards from 2 to 30 layers with the most advanced high-tech.

    Lab Circuits can produces PCB HDI, Rigid-flex PCB, double-sided plated through hole PCB, multilayer PCB, RoHS, microvias-laser, buried routes, impedance certification and special materials PCBs, with maximum quality. Production of prototypes, small and medium series, under certification ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, UL and UNE-EN 9100:2010.

    Address: Santa Maria de Palautordera, Barcelona – Spain


    With the ever-growing demands of advanced and professionally designed high-quality Printed Circuit Boards today, it is evident that the manufacturing and maintenance of electronic products can be increased effectively. Hence, whether you need to upgrade your own home or office-based electronic items, or you need to enhance the manufacturing quality of your tech-based company, choosing one of the above-mentioned electronic assembly companies will certainly help you to avail of the best outcomes. So go avail of a productive, efficient, and professionally catered usage of the printed circuit board for your tech/mechanical devices and enhance their performance.

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