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PCB prototype service is a special solution that is offered by PCB manufacturers. A typical PCB manufacturer in China will offer PCB prototyping services to help its customers complete the production of their boards.
PCB Prototype Service
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    PCB prototype service is a special solution that PCB manufacturers offer. A typical PCB manufacturer in China will offer PCB prototyping services to help its customers complete the production of their boards.

    Due to its importance in the production of electronic products, PCB prototyping is a core service of most manufacturers in the industry. You can get this service from a PCB prototype manufacturer in China.

    JHYPCB is a leading PCB manufacturer based in China that provides customers with quick-turn PCB fabrication and assembly services worldwide. With over 10 years of experience in the PCB industry, JHYPCB has established itself as a trusted prototype partner for companies looking for high-quality, low-cost PCB manufacturing in China.

    Our capabilities include:

    • Fast PCB Prototype Production – We offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, with standard prototypes finished in as little as 24 hours. Our streamlined processes enable us to manufacture even complex boards rapidly.
    • Quick-Turn PCB Assembly – Besides bare PCBs, we also provide professional SMT and through-hole assembly with globally sourced components. Our team can assemble PCBs in just 48 hours.
    • One-Stop Service – From PCB fabrication to components sourcing and functional testing, JHYPCB provides a convenient one-stop service for your projects.
    • Affordable Solutions – By leveraging our scale and optimized supply chain in China, we offer very cost-competitive solutions without sacrificing quality.
    • Rigorous Quality Control – We follow strict quality control at every manufacturing stage and perform thorough testing on all boards. IPC standards are adhered to.

    This article will provide an overview of JHYPCB’s PCB prototype service capabilities that enable us to be a leader in quick-turn fabrication and assembly in China.

    Prototype PCB Manufacturing Service
    PCB Prototype Fabrication Service

    What does a PCB prototype mean?

    A PCB prototype is a type of printed circuit board model or sample of a PCB product. This sample is usually developed by a PCB prototype manufacturer in China. It is a test PCB product that is produced (not as a part of the main production run) to assess the effectiveness and performance level of the new design.

    A typical PCB prototype manufacturer in China usually performs PCB prototyping to ensure the circuit board works properly. It is a procedure used to detect possible design flaws early in the production of PCBs. PCB prototyping is important because it helps eliminate product redundancies in the final boards. Not performing a PCB prototype means you fail to detect minor problems in the board. If these issues are not detected on time, this can cause problems that can be very costly later in the production process.

    How PCB prototypes help to prevent problems

    PCB prototyping is very important; this service can be outsourced to a PCB prototype manufacturer in China. Some PCB assemblies still rely on their in-house electronic technicians and engineers to produce their circuit boards in the laboratory.

    These boards are usually bread-boarded or hand-wired, which can cause many problems and cause a possible product redesign.

    Also, hand-wiring and hand-soldering can cause problems for complex PCBs, which need smaller passive components and advanced integrated circuit technology.

    Rapid PCB Prototype Assembly Service
    Rapid PCB Prototype Assembly Service

    The process of PCB assembly: Why prototyping is a standard procedure with all projects

    A typical PCB prototype manufacturer in China will usually perform prototyping on sample boards to detect possible flaws and redundancies in the design. Furthermore, PCB prototyping is a standard in the industry. It is one of the elements of a reliable and trustworthy PCB assembly company.

    PCB prototyping is done on sample boards to detect flaws. It is essential to detect and remove product redundancies from the PCB designs before they are certified for large-scale production.

    DUE TO AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY, many PCB prototype manufacturers in China can perform these prototyping procedures.

    With advanced software design applications and manufacturing machines, producing a prototype for testing is much quicker.

    Prototyping can shorten the traditional manufacturing process from several months to a few weeks. During the PCB prototype phase, it is possible to adjust some designs on the boards.

    PCB prototype services: The technology behind the process

    A typical PCB manufacturer in China will use sophisticated software during the process. This is used to detect problems in the DFM process. Also, the software has been shown to minimize the number of product re-spins.

    This technology does more than detect errors in the PCB board design. It also creates a streamlined interface between the phase where the PCBs are designed and the final electronics production stage. This is used to ensure a smooth process leading to the manufacture of the final products.

    Due to the sophistication of the process, product errors are quickly identified. Errors like signal spacing, solder mask silvers, silkscreen clearances, footprint errors, and so on are detected.

    For this technology, the focus is usually on optimizing the PCB designs for flawless material production.

    For instance, if the PCB has an inaccurate footprint, it means that it will not fit properly into the circuit board. In this case, it is either the PCB will be modified for it to fit properly, or the prototype will have to be redesigned completely.

    Any modification or redesign of the boards later in the process of production can be costly. Therefore, with a PCB prototype, they can be discovered on time.

    As soon as you resolve this problem, the final product design files can be created. Therefore, the final version of the PCB board design can now be ready to be manufactured.

    PCB prototyping services help save money

    We have understood what an absence of a critical PCB prototype service can do to a production run. Finding errors in the PCB designs is very important in helping a production company save millions or thousands of dollars.

    If the problems on the board are not detected on time, then the product development and building stages continue. This means that the errors are then distributed throughout the PCB lifecycle.

    Benefits of Using a PCB Prototype Manufacturer in China

    Having your PCB prototypes manufactured in China offers several advantages compared to using a domestic prototyping service:

    Lower Costs

    • Due to lower labor, raw material, and equipment costs, PCB fabrication and assembly services are generally 30-50% cheaper in China than in Western countries. This allows you to develop more design iterations within a set budget.
    • Chinese PCB manufacturers have access to a competitive, global supply chain for components, further reducing procurement costs. This is especially useful for quick-turn PCB assembly.

    Faster Delivery Times

    • Chinese manufacturers like JHYPCB provide quick turnaround times, with standard prototypes often shipped within 24 hours.
    • Proximity to suppliers allows for quicker procurement of needed components.
    • Efficient manufacturing processes and a dedicated focus on rapid prototyping enable faster delivery.

    High Production Quality

    • China is the world’s largest producer of PCBs, with immense manufacturing capacity and process expertise. Quality is often on par with Western makers.
    • Chinese PCB factories adhere to international quality standards and certifications like ISO 9001, UL, RoHS, etc.
    • Modern manufacturing and test equipment is used for quality control and verification.

    Language and Communication Support

    • Most professional PCB manufacturers in China have multilingual sales teams to ease communication. English and Chinese language support is commonly provided.
    • They are experienced in working with overseas customers and can capably handle inquiries, orders, and design support.
    • Time zone overlaps with China allowing for synchronous communication and quick issue resolution.

    JHYPCB's PCB Prototype Capabilities

    JHYPCB has extensive capabilities to fabricate and assemble high-quality PCB prototypes according to customer specifications:

    Advanced Fabrication Equipment

    • Our factory has the latest PCB fabrication equipment from leading global suppliers like Atg, Orbotech, and Takaya.
    • These enable us to produce fine line/space PCBs down to 2 mil (0.2 mm) and laser-drilled micro vias as small as 6 mil.
    • We can manufacture PCBs with up to 36 layers to support complex designs.

    Diverse Range of Materials

    • FR-4, CEM-3, Rogers, flexible circuits, metal core PCBs, ceramic PCBs, and more are supported.
    • Various stack-ups, layer counts, finishes, and thicknesses can be accommodated.
    • We maintain a large inventory of base materials for quick fabrication.

    SMT, Through-Hole, and Mixed Assembly

    • Our skilled technicians can assemble PCBs per your needs using the SMT or through-hole process.
    • We use advanced pick-and-place machines alongside AOI and reflow ovens for high component densities.
    • Mixed PCB assembly with both SMT and threaded components is also provided.

    Testing and Inspection

    • 100% electrical testing is conducted to verify PCB functionality and screen defects.
    • Automated optical inspection quickly checks assembly quality.
    • We also perform manual visual inspection under the microscope when required.
    • Functionality validation, programming, and other testing are available.

    Our prototype fabrication and assembly capacity allows us to deliver even complex, high-mix orders rapidly while ensuring quality.

    PCB Prototype Services Offered by JHYPCB

    As a full-service PCB solution provider, JHYPCB offers all the services needed to make getting PCB prototypes easy:

    PCB Prototype Fabrication

    • We fabricate 2 to 36-layer PCBs with various base materials, layer counts, sizes, thickness, and finishes.
    • Both conventional drilling and laser via technology are used for optimal prototyping flexibility.
    • Pad-to-pad spacing down to 0.15mm and line width/space 0.1mm is possible.

    SMT and Through-Hole Assembly

    • Professional assembly is done with components sourced globally at low cost.
    • High-speed surface mount lines and selective soldering are available for SMT and through-hole assembly.
    • BGAs, 0201 components, 0.3mm pitch QFNs, and other high-density parts can be assembled.

    Components Sourcing

    • Our sourcing team can procure all required components for your BOM, including hard-to-find parts.
    • Both brand-new and high-quality equivalents are sourced at the lowest cost.
    • Firmware flashing, programming, and other value-added services are provided.

    Testing and Inspection

    • We conduct solid electrical testing like flying probes, boundary scans, and ICT on every board.
    • Automated optical inspection and x-ray inspection options are available.
    • Manual inspection under microscope performed for review samples.

    Engineering Support

    • Our engineers can review designs for manufacturability and provide DFM feedback.
    • We offer PCB re-design support or modifications if needed.
    • Our team can ensure your design files and BOM are prototype ready.

    Getting Your PCB Prototype Made with JHYPCB

    JHYPCB makes the process of requesting quotes and ordering PCB prototypes convenient and efficient:

    Online Quote Request

    • Fill out the quotation form on our website or email sales@pcbjhy.com with your requirements.
    • Our sales team will review your specifications and respond with a custom quote promptly.

    Quote Review and Order Placement

    • If you are satisfied with the quoted price, you can place an official purchase order via email.
    • We will send a proforma invoice for advance payment to confirm the order.

    Gerber File Check

    • Once payment is received, our engineers will thoroughly review files before manufacturing begins.
    • We may request changes to ensure manufacturing goes smoothly.

    Flexible Delivery and Shipping

    • We offer multiple shipping options from standard air mail to expedited couriers.
    • Orders can be shipped globally based on your location.
    • Insurance can be added for high value shipments.

    After-sales Support

    • Our team is available via email, chat or phone to answer any questions and assist you.
    • We guarantee on-time delivery or will take corrective action as needed.

    Why Work with JHYPCB for Your PCB Prototypes

    There are many good reasons to collaborate with JHYPCB as your PCB prototype supplier:

    Proven Track Record

    • We have manufactured over 500,000 PCB prototypes for customers globally.
    • Our experience spans over 10 years, supporting various industries and applications.
    • We have a strong reputation for quality, rapid delivery, and excellent service.

    Technical Expertise

    • Our engineers have tremendous expertise in PCB technology and manufacturing processes.
    • We provide valuable DFM analysis and feedback to optimize designs for production.
    • Our R&D team continuously enhances our technical capabilities.

    Quality Assurance

    • We strictly adhere to IPC standards and have ISO 9001 certification.
    • 100% electrical testing is conducted to screen defects before shipment.
    • Real-time monitoring and statistical process control ensure consistent quality.

    Cost Savings

    • Our economies of scale and supply chain allow us to offer very competitive pricing.
    • We manufacture and source components locally in China to reduce costs.
    • Our efficient processes eliminate waste and keep overhead low.

    Partner You Can Trust

    • Many international companies rely on us for rapid prototyping needs.
    • We have 24/7 technical support and after-sales service channels.
    • Our project managers keep you updated throughout the process.

    JHYPCB is an ideal PCB prototyping partner, with the expertise, capabilities, and commitment to the quality needed to make your projects successful.

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