Leading 10 PCB Manufacturer in Switzerland

Here is a list of the leading PCB manufacturers in Switzerland. They are PCB fabrication companies or PCB assembly companies with rich experience.
Leading 10 PCB Manufacturers in Switzerland

Choosing a printed circuit board manufacturer can be difficult. You have to think about some aspects as they will help you choose the best. There are many PCB manufacturers in Switzerland, but only a few offer the best printed circuit solutions. Given the popularity of circuit boards, it becomes imperative that you find a manufacturer in Switzerland that delivers the quality work you expect.  Switzerland is not only one of the best countries where you want to relax or have a fun vacation.

The country is one of the best establishments in the world to locate PCB assembly companies. So, if you are looking for the best printed circuit board component manufacturers, Switzerland is one of the countries to look for. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the top PCB assembly companies, their services, and some unique advantages over other companies.

Top 10 PCB Manufacturer in Switzerland
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    1. Adolfo Juri Elettronica Industriale SA

    Adolfo Juri is one of the oldest PCB assembly companies in Switzerland. The company was founded in 1965 by Mario Jouri and his son Adolfo, who currently serves as the company’s managing director. It is a family-owned PCB assembly company that manufactures cable assembly and PCBs. The company also provides innovative and sustainable solutions for the PCB industry.

    The company offers component procurement and management, from outsourcing processes to providing customized procurement options. The procurement department of the company focuses on component availability, price competitiveness as well as component quality. This way, you are sure to get your money’s worth. Notably, Adolfo Juri Elettronica Industriale offers both turnkey and consignment outsourcing processes. The company is also ready to ship your PCB products when they are ready.

    PCB services that the company offers include:

    2. Cicor Group

    Cicor Group is a technology company that manufactures hybrid circuits, PCBs, printed electronics, and electronic manufacturing services. The firm has been professional for over 5 decades and still counting. In the beginning, in 1966, the Cicor Group started manufacturing PCBs and advanced flex substrates. The company later began manufacturing rail-to-rail technology in 1979. In 2005, cicor Group began assembling PCB, test engineering, box building, and engineering.

    The Cicor Group plays a major role in many markets, including but not limited to watches and consumer, industrial, medical, aerospace and defence, communications, and automotive/transportation. The Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provided by Cicor Group is divided into Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT).

    These services include:

    • Integrated Circuits Programming
    • 3D solder paste inspection
    • Selective soldering
    • Laser marking
    • Wave soldering
    • Encapsulation of assemblies
    • Reflow soldering
    • Prototypes
    • Surface Mount Device (SMD) of PCBs
    • CNC milling machine
    • Online Traceability

    Cicor Group also offers testing services for circuit boards. This way, users or buyers can be sure that the circuit board components are working as they should.

    Some of the testing methods used by the company include:

    3. Asetronics AG

    Advanced Swiss Electronics, otherwise known as Asetronics AG, is a leading supplier of electronic engineering and manufacturing services (EEMS) and LED-based lighting systems. The company is committed to helping customers every step of the way by assisting customers in finding the right PCB board assembly as well as assembling and testing the board.

    Asetronics AG is also a competent manufacturer of heat-dissipating PCBs to be used with the highest tolerances to meet mechanical configurations.

    This company’s services include but are not limited to:

    • Component sourcing
    • Calibration
    • Logistics/Delivery
    • Sourcing global components at affordable cost

    4. Valtronic

    Valtronic has been in business for 39 years – specializing in miniaturization, turnkey devices, and microelectronic assembly. The company was started in 1982, when only a few companies ventured into SMT assembly. Nevertheless, Valtronic was driven by purposeful leadership, a move that led to the company’s lasting success over the years.

    The organization has made a mark in designing, developing, store chain management, mechanization, and manufacturing. Valtronic also delivers a full scope of service, making it a full-service electronic contract manufacturer (ECM).

    Manufacturing processes used by the company include creating feasibility studies, designing parts, developing parts, and manufacturing. The company manufactures medical devices with various solutions, including SMT. To this end, the company deploys a suite of solutions ranging from automated, hybrid, and manual manufacturing processes.

    Valtronic Medical is also known for its wide range of PCB assembly technologies and solutions, including:

    Medical circuit boards manufactured by PCB assembly are applied in various use cases, such as:

    • Neuromodulation
    • The kidneys
    • Imaging
    • Blood processing
    • Endoscopy
    • Urology
    • Drug delivery

    5. Microsystems Technologies

    Before now, many electronics manufacturers preferred to make their PCBs in Switzerland. The collaboration between the two led to the formation of Microsystems Technologies.

    Microsystems Technologies is now a full turnkey flexible printed circuit manufacturing factory providing a variety of circuit board production services to the Switzerland electronics market.


    Microsystems Technologies offers a variety of services related to electronics. Some of these services or products are:

    • Complete turnkey solution
    • Batteries
    • Antenna
    • Cable assembly
    • Membrane switches
    • Mechanics: Plastic, CNC, and Metal
    • PCB design

    6. DB electronic

    DB electronic covers the PCB market requirements for the electronic industry; and offers customers prototypes, small batches, medium-sized series and large series in all designs.

    DB electronic also support customers with the necessary technical advice and can also, in particular, offer the development and production of specialties.

    4 tailor-made packages – the first choice for your PCB projects!

    • Quick-Shot, Express Service – within 3 working days – Quick turn PCB fabrication service
    • Class service – 5 working days
    • Economy Service – from 10 working days
    • One-shot, One-off service – 10 working days

    Products & Technology

    Base material

    • FR4 / FR4 halogen-free
    • CEM1
    • CEM3 (on request)
    • Teflon
    • Polyimide
    • PEN (on request)
    • PET (on request)
    • Bergquist
    • Aluminum
    • other special materials (on request)


    DYCONEX from 1991 to Today.

    DYCONEX is proud of its 30-year history and consistent development of leadinge-edge innovations. The company’s commitment to be the world’s leading provider of complex, ultra-dense and highly reliable interconnect solutions.

    Based in Switzerland, DYCONEX AG is one of the world’s leading providers of miniaturized, highly complex and highly reliable solutions in the area of interconnect technology. The company has its seeds in a 1964 founded division within Oerlikon-Contraves and has acted as DYCONEX since a management buy-out in 1991. As one of the true pioneers in the industry, DYCONEX has continuously applied the latest technology to derive innovative technologies for various markets.

    DYCONEX provides a competitive edge for your business through its high-end interconnect expertise and is an extremely reliable and predictable partner who can deliver products and services with premium quality.

    PCB Fabrication Services

    • Flexible Circuit
    • Rigid-flex PCB
    • Rigid ultra-HDI/micro via circuit boards

    PCB Manufacturing technological

    • Ultra-fine structures
    • Ultra-thin base materials
    • Thin film technology
    • Stacked and filled holes
    • Biocompatible materials
    • Embedded components
    • High-performance base materials

    DYCONEX is located in Bassersdorf, roughly 10 minutes from the Zurich/Kloten airport. The firm has a total floor space of more than 6,000 m2, of which 600 m2 is a Class 10’000 cleanroom. The company currently has approximately 190 employees.

    8. EMFab GmbH

    EMFab GmbH is a dynamic Swiss company founded in 2014 by two PhD engineering graduates of ETH Zürich.

    EMFab GmbH’s main goal is to provide high-quality design and manufacturing services for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs).

    From prototype to large-scale production or distributed manufacturing, EMFab constantly seeks to provide a tailored solution for customers.

    9. FANTEC GmbH

    The company FANTEC GmbH is a trading and production company that specializes in the field of printed circuit boards.

    The company sees itself as a partner for printed circuit boards with express service from 24 hours, electronics production, from concept to series production, and customer-specific solutions for mobile applications with Li-ion batteries, customer-specific housings, and membrane keyboards.

    Reliability, flexibility, quality, and cost-effectiveness are the central elements for which FANTEC and its international partners stand.

    PCB Services

    • Double-sided PCB
    • Multilayer PCB
    • Flexible PCB
    • Rigid-flex PCB
    • Aluminum PCB
    • Base material: FR4 (standard to high-TG), CEM 1+3, Kapton
    • Number of layers: 1 – 22 layers
    • PCB Thickness: 0.20 – 5.00 mm
    • PCB Dimensions: 480 x 580 mm
    • Solder mask: Peters, Taiyo, Tamura, Probimer
    • Surfaces finish: HAL, chem. NiAu, chem. Sn, chem. Ag, galvanic NiAu

    Electronics Manufacturing Services

    FANTEC GmbH is an EMS with production sites in Switzerland and China.

    • PCB Layout
    • Ensuring that materials are procured on time and at competitive prices
    • Production location Switzerland
    • SMD Highspeed, as well as prototype and small series line
    • THT Assembly Selective soldering
    • Assembly of complete devices
    • Production China
    • SMD, manual assembly, and cable assembly
    • Production from prototypes to large series.
    • Production of complete devices, including operating instructions and packaging.
    • Prototypes: prototyping fast service in Switzerland.
    • Test: Tests using AOI, ICT, Flying Probe, and functional tests, Carrying out customer-specific tests.

    10. Green-Boards GmbH

    Green-Boards GmbH was founded in June 2013 in Illnau as a service provider of printed circuit boards. Since July 2015 our premises are located in Wetzikon ZH.

    The company’s aim to offer you not only good service but also excellent products at fair prices.

    Its strengths lie in prototypes as well as small and medium-sized series.

    Rigid printed circuit board

    Flexible PCBs

    • Double-sided Flexible PCB
    • Single-sided flexible PCB
    • Multilayer flexible PCB

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