PCB Manufacturers in Sweden

Here is a list of Sweden's top PCB fabrication and assembly companies. You can find the PCB manufacturer in Sweden.
PCB Manufacturers in Sweden

Once businesses recognize the significance of getting the right PCBs, the next most important step is to find one of the best PCB manufacturers in Sweden. Yes, not every producer can be helpful for every business. Some may specialize in making heavy-duty PCBs, while others may work with regular products. With that standing said, it is always advisable to contact a few manufacturers and evaluate and compare their products to each other in order to know what type of electronics will be produced in the near future. Which would be best for.

As a business owner, you may be overcome by the list of printed circuit board manufacturers in Sweden who claim to be the best. But it is your responsibility to understand that not all manufacturers can produce the same quality with the same features and benefits. So, the foremost and the best thing is to shortlist a few producers, as mentioned below, based on their expertise, research data, and customer feedback, if available. Once you have a few names, it will be much easier to choose one that suits your electronic needs. Let’s have a look at some of the top Sweden printed circuit board manufacturers and get to know about them in detail:

Top 8 PCB Manufacturer in Sweden
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    1. Cadint Sweden AB

    Cadint Sweden AB is one of the leading suppliers and distributors of electronic design automation solutions. These solutions are provided to the electronic system design market in Sweden. Cadint Sweden AB could not have reached this height and achieved this recognition if it had not been doing something worthwhile. Thus, here are some of the advantages of partnering with Cadint Sweden AB for your next flexible printed circuit project:

    Real-Time PCB Design:

    Cadint Sweden AB understands the relevance of a quick prototype – it helps the user see how a flexible printed circuit will result. This is why the manufacturer offers real-time PCB design. Flexible printed circuit production is accelerated to quickly eliminate circuit board design errors during sign-off checks. To do this, Cadint Sweden AB uses OrCAD to go from prototype to production in less time.

    Flexible manufacturing options:

    Cadint Sweden AB also offers customers flexible manufacturing options. Thus, you will have more choices in printed circuit board production. Cadint Sweden AB’s flexibility in manufacturing options also helps reduce circuit board manufacturing costs. This is feasible because the manufacturer attempts to adapt its printed circuit board manufacturing solutions to customers’ budgets.

    The products offered by Cadint Sweden AB:

    2. Cogra Pro Ab

    Cogra Pro Ab was founded in 1996 by brothers Mikael and Johan Kwarnmark. Both of them have with long understanding of the field. Several of their workers have been working with printed circuit board manufacturing for over thirty years. Cogra Pro Ab is another Swedish circuit board manufacturer you may be interested in working with. We will explain why having Cogra Pro Ab as your PCB manufacturer is a good idea.

    Strong PCB Services:

    Cogra Pro Ab offers you robust circuit board services. These services include PCB prototyping and PCB production or manufacturing.

    Fast Lead Time:

    Your circuit board can be designed and manufactured in minimal time, thanks to the fast lead time offered by Cogra Pro Now. This applies to both PCB prototypes and production.

    Superior Customer Service:

    You may want to contact the customer care department with questions or complaints. Cogra Pro now supports all ears by providing superior customer service that addresses your concerns and resolves any issues you may encounter in good time.

    Competitive Pricing:

    Saving costs when manufacturing circuit boards can be difficult. As much as you want to cut costs, it can affect a PCB project, especially when the quality of the materials is not assured. However, Cogra Pro Ab has a way of balancing the equation. The most popular strategy is to source PCB components from offshore suppliers. With strong negotiation, Cogra Pro Ab can cheaply get you printed circuit materials.

    Quality Performance:

    The quality and performance of the circuit board are also worth considering. You don’t have to worry about that because Cogra Pro Ab knows how to get around it. This Swedish printed circuit manufacturer reinforces the quality performance of circuit boards by ensuring that each facility in its network is carefully selected before PCB production.

    3. ME PCB

    ME PCB is one of Sweden’s most reliable printed circuit board manufacturers. The company specializes in using thick film technology to design and manufacture various types of PCBs.

    Why thick film technology?

    ME PCB has many years of experience in PCB design. Therefore, the manufacturer had a good reason to use thick film technology for PCB manufacturing. In terms of manufacturing, thick film technology makes it easy to print and manufacture various components for circuit boards (ME PCB). These components are then used in various fields of electronics and various industries.

    Notably, the viability and sustainability of thick film technology are due to integrating other elements. The technology is used with advanced and complex processes of selective metallization, machining, printing, and brazing.

    ME PCB Options:

    When designing and producing circuit boards, ME PCB offers quite a few options.

    • First, ME PCB can produce custom PCBs for you. This, in turn, will be used as a connector in various applications where space-saving and flexibility are required.
    • Second and most important, custom PCBs made by ME PCB can be stacked in different configurations. Most of these configurations will be ideal for both high-flex and dynamic applications.

    Quality Assurance:

    The quality of printed circuits manufactured by ME PCB is also ensured. This is expected to the ISO 9001 mean that the manufacturer operates. ME PCB leverages its expertise in the field of circuit boards to manufacture PCBs that are not only customized but also optimized for the client’s complex products.

    4. Malmo Monsterkort Ab

    MMAB is a full-service supplier of Printed Circuit Boards with its own production factory in Sweden and several production units in China.

    Since the early ’70s, MMAB has manufactured prototypes and small volumes in Malmö, Sweden.


    5. MultiCad I Stockholm AB

    MultiCad is a company in the industrial group Matorex. For over 40 years, MultiCad has helped the Swedish industry with electronics solutions.

    PCB Fabrication Service

    Multicad supply and produce all types of PCBs. Double-sided and multilayer up to 20 layers. FR-4, 2-8 layers within one to two days for PCBs. Flex, rigid-flex, Teflon, Kevlar, or aluminum carrier. Conductor width from 0.10 mm, hidden or blind vias, and other technical challenges.

    PCB Assembly Service

    Multicad handles all forms of assembly for both small and large projects. Multicad can handle both prototypes with short lead times and larger volume projects by coordinating production and purchasing in Stockholm, Riga, and China. Multicad can produce ready-made assembled cards within a week if all materials are available. Cabling for prototypes and small series is manufactured in Stockholm, and larger volumes of Multicad are taken in Riga. Multicad produces the mechanics for finished box-building in China, Riga, or at our sister company in Gothenburg.

    Multicad assembles all types of PCBs: single or double-sided surface mount, through-hole mount, or eco-lacquered where required. With advanced resources for selective soldering, mixed electronics are no problem.


    PCB supplier based in Sweden, Hong Kong, Lithuania, and China. MULTI-TEKNIK was founded in 1975 and quickly became a leading producer of printed circuit boards for the Swedish electronics industry.

    PCB Manufacturing Services

    • Standard PCB
    • HDI PCB
    • Flexible PCB
    • Rigid-flex PCB
    • Metal Core PCB
    • High-Frequency PCB
    • Solder Paste Stencils
    • Prototype PCB


    PCB Connect was founded in 2004 in Stockholm by Jonas Pettersson and Lars Nilsson. Since then, PCB Connect has organically grown and has become one of the leading suppliers of Printed Circuit Boards.

    In 2010, PCB Connect formalized its group structure, PCB Connect Holding AB, and today has 10 operating companies spread over 17 different locations.


    • Multilayer PCB up to 40 layers
    • High-Density Interconnector PCBs
    • Flexible PCB (4-20 Layers)
    • Flexible circuit (Single & Double Sided up to 6 layers)

    8. SVENSK Elektronikproduktion AB WearOne AB

    Svensk Elektronikproduktion is a comprehensive supplier of printed circuit boards, cabling, and other electronic products and offers qualified and cost-effective overall solutions.

    Svensk Elektronikproduktion makes both surface mounting and hole mounting, test, and finish assembly to finished appliances, of small medium-sized series in Kungsbacka. And has dual soldering processes, lead-free and leaded welding. Production of large series cost-effectively takes place in cooperation with external partners.

    Svensk Elektronikproduktion has a high level of expertise in the manufacture and assembly of high-quality small and medium-sized series of printed circuit boards, cables, and other electronic products and has a well-adjusted production facility in Kongsbacka, Sweden, suitable for this type of production. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff can cost-effectively produce quickly with short lead times as quality assurance requires.

    • PCB Design (Electronics design, PCB Layout, EMC validation, etc.)
    • Surface mounting with reflow Owen
    • Through-hole mounting with wave soldering
    • Lead or Lead-free
    • SMD soldering
    • Hand soldering
    • Mechanical assembly
    • Prototype PCB fabrication
    • Prototype PCB assembly
    • Cable assemblies
    • The final assembly as a complete product
    • Sourcing components

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