PCB Manufacturers in Israel

This article guides you to find the top Israel Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers in Israel. We have created this list of PCB manufacturers in Israel to help users choose the right PCB supplier according to their needs.
PCB Manufacturers in Israel

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are in high demand in different industries. The applicability of PCBs in the electronic manufacturing procedure cannot be underestimated. As a PCB buyer, you want to locate the best printed circuit board manufacturers to design and tune your circuit board for whatever electronic application needs you may have. Some of these PCB manufacturers can be found in Israel. This article guides you to find Israel’s top Israel Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers.

We present the leading Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers in Israel. We created this list after checking out some of these companies’ circuit board offerings and the receptivity of their services to PCB consumers who had patronized them.

1. Trace PCB

Trace PCB is what you will call “one of the finest PCB design offices”. This is due to the specialized services the company offers when it comes to the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs).


Trace PCB was founded over two decades ago and had been continuously evolving to keep up with best practices and movements in the printed circuit board market. The company has, in the last twenty-eight years of presence, been able to develop and design circuit boards for different types of electronic products. These products have been deployed at different times for use in advanced technologies.

Production of Quality Printed Circuit Boards:

Other than that, Trace PCB has much to offer regarding Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and production. One of those capabilities is the production and delivery of high-quality PCBs in a short time.

Component Engineering:

The engineering of PCB components is very important. That’s why Trace PCB advises PCB consumers on how best to design flexible printed circuit board (PCB) components.

Advanced PCB Manufacturing Solutions:

Trace PCB also follows the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) trend and continually harnesses the same to create sustainable solutions. One of the high points of their solutions is the ability to follow the latest PCB manufacturing technologies. The company does an outstanding job of implementing the qualifications and requirements in the latest PCB designs.

Types of PCB Layouts Offered

Trace PCB offers different types of printed circuit board (PCB) designs. These include:

Add: 25 Haharoshet st. P.O.B 2315, Ra’anana Ind. Zone Ra’anana, 43654 Israel

2. Print Electronics

Some printed circuit board manufacturers do not believe in wasting excessive time when designing printed circuit boards. One such manufacturer is Print Electronics. The company has accomplished an excellent job of reducing lead time and other related time-dependent tasks in the PCB design process. It is famous for being the most reliable time for market experts, especially because of the 24-hour production time.

Reasons to choose Print Electronics:

Here are some explanations for why we think the printed circuit board services offered by Print Electronics are fantastic:

Highest PCB production standards:

The grade of the PCB is one of the factors to consider when choosing a printed circuit board manufacturer. For its part, Print Electronics lives up to expectations by offering the highest production standards for printed circuit boards.

These criteria are in place because the manufacturer (Print Electronics) continuously invests in the use of advanced equipment that helps employees have a professional workforce. This equipment is also used for the development of any type of printed circuit board (PCB).

Mass production:

Printed Electronics aims to design and manufacture printed circuit boards within 24 hours. This is usually the case if you are keeping for low volume. However, if the printed circuit board orders are for mass production, the manufacturer may need to reach out to their overseas partners.

A wide range of PCB production:

Printed Electronics also covers a wide range of circuit board productions. Some of the PCBs designed by manufacturers are flexible printed circuit boards, rigid circuit boards, and rigid-flexible printed circuits.

Types of printed circuit board Layouts Offered.

Print Electronics offers different types of printed circuit board (PCB) designs. These include:

  • Double-sided circuit boards
  • Aluminum boards
  • Rigid printed circuit boards
  • Flexible Printed Circuit Board
  • Multilayer circuit boards
  • Hybrid circuit boards

Add: Eliyahu Eitan St 3, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel

3. Synersys Israel Ltd

Synersys Israel Ltd was established in 2002 and has continuously provided innovative solutions in the field of integrated research and development services for multidisciplinary systems and consulting for the high-tech industry over the past 19 years.

Synersys Israel Ltd has also extended its tentacles to cover the design and production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). You will find some of the company’s contributions to developing the printed circuit board market in Israel.

Hardware Design and Engineering:

This is where a large portion of the printed circuit board (PCB) development services offered by Synersys Israel Ltd is categorized. Under the hardware design and engineering side of its operations, Synersys Israel Ltd offers PCB production, including manufacturing printed circuit boards.

The manufacturer also specializes in other areas of hardware design, such as echo management, digital circuits, electronic board modules, analogue circuits, presentation files, power supply structure, design for manufacturing (DFM), and high-density printed circuit board layout.

System structure and development:

Synersys Israel Ltd also offers system structure and development. This is where you’ll find other leading printed circuit board solutions, such as field experiments, turnkey projects, and complete system integration that contains software, hardware, and mechanics. Synersys Israel Ltd also delivers other printed circuit board solutions, including complete documentation, subsystem/module, system architecture design, and design document preparation.

Types of printed circuit board manufacturing services Offered

Synersys Israel Ltd offers different types of printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication services. These include:

  • Rigid Printed Circuit Boards
  • Rigid-flex Printed Circuit Boards
  • HDI PCBs
  • Flexible Printed Circuit Board

PCB assembly services by Synersys Israel Ltd offered

  • We are using automated tools for production-files preparation, managing assembly changes, documentation, and more.
  • Automated or manual PCB assembly by Synersys Israel’s business partners.
  • Option for several revisions assembly on the same PCB.
  • ECO and repair work on boards at Synersys labs.
  • Procurement and logistical support

4. AIReshef Electronic Engineering Ltd

AIReshef Electronics was established in 1979, located in Kfar Hangid 90, P.O. box 45 Emek Sorek 76875.

The company’s main business is complex printed circuit board design, PCB manufacturing, and assembly outsourcing services.

AIReshef Electronic Engineering Ltd offers all types of circuit boards, large & small amounts.

  • Double-sided PCBs
  • Multilayer PCB up to 24 layers
  • Flexible Circuits
  • Rigid-flex PCBs
  • Micro via, Laser drilling, Blind and buried via
  • Standard & Special raw materials (aluminum, Teflon, Rogers, and others)
  • Rohs compliant finish and Immersion Gold/Silver, HASL, Lead-free.

Add: Kfar Hangid 90, P.O. box 45 Emek Sorek 76875

5. EDA Integrity Solutions Ltd.

EDA Integrity Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2002 and is located in Tel Aviv.

EDAIS’s flexible manufacturing options adapt to cost targets, delivery requirements, and fluctuating demands in volume and it has more than 30 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and test services.

EADIS has a total of seven PCB production facilities; its global manufacturing footprint enables us to provide complete end-to-end solutions for complex, multi-layer PCBs efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Multilayer PCB up to 60 layers
  • Multiple surface finishes
  • High-speed laminates
  • Mixed material composites
  • Aspect ratios greater than 20:1
  • Clamshell testing
  • Oversized panel production
  • On-board placements of active devices
  • More than 450+ engineers

EDAIS’ services also include:

  • Analog Simulation
  • PCB Design
  • Package Design
  • Signal Integrity
  • Power Integrity
  • Electrical Wire Harness Design
  • PCB Service bureaus
  • RF design
  • Others

Add: 38 HaBarzel St. Tel Aviv 6971054 Israel

6. Elcad PCB Ltd

Elcad has been at the forefront of PCB design technologies for 20 years and the business is handling your most complex projects.

Elcad designs and fabricates PCBs for leading manufacturers in Israel, Europe, and the United States. The company has extensive experience with PCB design for medical, military, and telecom applications.

Elcad can meet your full range of board requirements, including High-Speed Mixed RF, microwave Flex RAMBUS SMT, Chip-on-Board, flip chip, multi-chip packages Die Flag and power rings, Controlled impedance Differential pairs complex power and dielectric layers Net scheduling.

Elcad creates boards with 28 layers and more without any limitations on board shape.

Add: Ha’amoraim 26 Rehovot, 76549 ISRAEL

7. Flexitech Avia

Flexitech Avia specializes in the development and manufacturing of heating elements and PCBs using Thick Film technology for a wide range of applications.

The custom-made products enable the perfect fit based on unique needs and parameters: size, shape, core, resistance to extreme temperatures, high voltage resistance, and more.

From the simple to the complex, Flexitech’s special Thick Film technology enables organizations to manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB) using a wide variety of materials for a vast range of applications.

Flexitech’s PCBs offer higher precision on resistors, higher reliability, a more compact efficient package, a more comprehensive temperature range, fully encapsulated packaging, and above all are economical.

Flexitech’s vast knowledge and experience enable manufacturers to get the perfect match for their needs and upgrade the needs of any existing system without making any changes.

PCB Fabrication Service by Flexitech:

Add: Yekuti’el Beharav St 37, Haifa, Israel

8. Kentec Inc/IDANics L.T.D

Kentec Inc, founded in 2010, is located at 25 Hataasia 4365413, Israel.

The company aims to escort our customers from samples to production using Kentec/ITPC facilities.

The company vision is to give the customer One stop operation for total production solution on the below fields:

Plastic, Die-casting, CNC, PCB, Cable assemble, SMT, Membrane switch, Antenna, EMI/RFI Thermal.

Full Turnkey solutions

Kentec is a leading EMS company providing comprehensive services for high-tech companies in the telecom, medical, Automotive, and industrial fields.

Kentec’s capabilities include PCB assembly lines with SMT automatic assembly, through-hole assembly, and wave soldering. With exact equipment, we perform BGA and Micro BGA as well as other small dimensions and small tolerance assemblies.

Kentec serves customers for the full life cycle of the products from prototype PCB assembly and NPI, to high volume production. Kentec Assemblies performs various visual automatic, and functional testing as part of QA system that meets the highest quality standards. These testing capabilities include X-ray inspection, Functional testing, JTAG, and ICT testing. Our production process is RoHS compliant.

Printed circuit board fabrication services

Since the day of the company’s foundation, Kentec has continuously engaged in researching special and high precision printed circuit boards with the strong production capability of 2 to 28 layers of highly precise impedance, multi-layer blind buried, multi-layer mix-compression, high TG, copper substrate, Ceramic substrate PCB.

Kentec has accumulated abundant experience in the line of high-frequency microwave business for which widely apply to power divider, combiner, power amplifier, line amplifier, base station, RF antenna,4G antenna so on and so forth.

Add: 25 Hataasia 4365413 Israel


MILPCB is an Israeli printed circuit board supplier dedicated to providing CLASS 2, CLASS3 and MIL printed circuit board purchasing, competitive pricing, quality, and most of all, superior customer service.

MILPCB  suppliers meet UL, ISO, and TS-approved circuit board manufacturing.


  • Multi-layer Rigid, Flex, and Flex-Rigid boards.
  • Blind & Buried Vias.
  • HDI – Laser drilling up to 4+N+4.
  • Aluminum / Copper Metal core PCB
  • Mix materials technology


  • HASL
  • Lead-free HASL.
  • Immersion gold.
  • Immersion silver.
  • Immersion tin.
  • Hard gold for gold fingers.
  • Soft gold.


  • Rigid boards from 2 to 40 layers.
  • Rigid Flex from 2-20 layers.
  • Board size up to 20″ x 24″
  • Minimum Line /Space of inner and outer layers 3 / 3mil.
  • Minimum mechanical drilled hole 8 mils.
  • Aspect ratio up to 14:1.
  • Control Impedance tolerance: ± 10%


  • FR4, High TG FR4
  • Rogers series. (4000 , 5000 , 6000 )
  • Polyimide
  • Arlon
  • Taconic

Add: P.O.B. 16 Kiryat Haim Israel 26103

10. Newline-PCB

Newline-PCB is specialized in importing PCBs of all kinds and any amounts, as few pieces (prototype), as well medium and large quantities, simple and complex circuits, rigid, flex, and rigid-flex circuits, aluminum PCB and those that are made of special materials (for various applications) – circuits with blind via and with buried via, with special materials such as –polyamide, Rogers, Kempton, Arlon, Panasonic, Nelco, Taconic, etc.

Newline-PCB gives a quick and affordable solution for simple circuits with full devotion to the highest quality.

Newline-PCB gives a solution for manufacturing circuits of 4-14 layers of medium up to high level, from small amounts and up to mass production, again – with the guarantee of the highest quality of the circuits.

Newline-PCB gives the most high-qualified solution for complex circuits, which demand high capabilities and professionalism.

All the circuits are checked for electronic and visual levels (at least twice) before being delivered to the client. Newline PBC’s main priority is the satisfaction of our clients.

Add: P.O.B: 6409, Haifa, Israel

11. PCB Technologies Ltd.

PCB Technologies Ltd. is an All-in-One solution provider for fabricating high reliability, multi-layer printed circuit boards and top-level assemblies (PCBA).

Founded in  1981,  PCB  Technologies combines over  40  years of experience with state-of-the-art technology and advanced processes to deliver innovative, complete PCB solutions.

A Comprehensive  PCB Manufacturer

Based in Israel, PCB Technologies’ one-stop-shop capabilities include printed circuit board design and layouts,  manufacturing,  assembly,  box building,  and testing. 

PCB Technologies offers full  PCB  assembly capabilities, including micro BGA, selective and wave soldering, vapor phase, Package on a  Package,  re-balling,  electric testing,  and complete systems integration.  This includes complete engineering support and full in-house testing capacity.  Our advanced SAP ERP system enables full traceability of each batch of PCBs

Add: HaUman St 7, Migdal HaEmek


There is numerous printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers in Israel, but only a few of them offer top-notch printed circuit solutions. Given the popularity of flexible circuit boards, it has become imperative that you find a manufacturer in Israel that delivers the quality work you expect.

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