Top 8 PCB Manufacturers in Bulgaria

Here is a list of the leading PCB Manufacturers in Bulgaria. Bulgaria PCB suppliers & companies offer PCB design, prototype, production, and assembly services.
Top 8 PCB Manufacturers in Bulgaria

The manufacturing of PCB is a very technical process. Every aspect of the manufacturing process must be accurate and effective. Specialized techniques and machinery are used to create precisely what the client needs PCBs. There can be no space for error since an error can result in the entire PCB does not work. That is why it is crucial that the best PCB manufacturer is found for work.

However, it may be challenging to find the appropriate manufacturer since there are many of them. I would expect all manufacturers to offer the same high-quality product as everyone else. This is not the case since some producers of these products are far superior to others. Let’s take a look at the best PCB manufacturers in Bulgaria:

1. Astra Nova Group Ltd.

Astra Nova Group Ltd. is in Varna, Bulgaria. The company has 3 branches to manufacture fast-rotating PCB prototypes, small and medium volume printed circuit boards, and FPC manufacturing services. They specialize in Multicapa high PCB, high-density plate, the specially printed circuit board of PCB material. Astra Nova Group Ltd. also provides PCB assembly services for holes and surface assembly technology (SMT).

The company offers complete manufacturing and assembly services of PCB of key and partial PCB. For complete key, handle the entire process: manufacture the printed circuit plates, obtain electronic components, monitor and monitoring, and final assembly. For partial hand key, the client can provide the PCBs and specific components, and the remaining parts will be handled by Astra Nova Group Ltd.

The company’s capabilities include:

Add: 74 Tsar Asen, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria

2. B2B

B2B is one of the PCB manufacturers in Bulgaria who work hand in hand with multi-PCB consumers until all their needs are met. You can trust B2B to do an excellent job with the design of your circuit plate because this manufacturer undertakes to provide you (and all your customers) an efficient service and high-quality PCB.

From idea to electronic product:

  • B2B offers the design, delivery, and production of printed circuit boards
  • B2B will make your project from idea to final product
  • Design from simple single-layer PCBs to complex high-density multilayer PCBs
  • B2B delivers prototype PCB fabrication service and Prototype PCB assembly service with a short lead time and very competitive prices
  • Batch/volume PCB, electronic module, and device production
  • PCB Testing and inspection
  • PCB Production – offer rigid PCBs from 1 layer to 16 layers, flexible PCBs from 1 layer to 4 layers, aluminum PCBs, produced according to the latest technologies.
  • PCB Assembly – B2B offers PCB assembling and components procurement as part of electronic product manufacturing. The services include surface mount SMT and through hole PCB assembling, electromechanical and full product assembling. The functional test is made before shipment. The extent of the functional test is agreed upon with the customer.

Add: 11 Asen Jordanov str., Sofia 1592, Bulgaria

3. Chemtronic Ltd

Chemtronic Ltd Company has more than 30 years of experience in the circuit board industry, which allows them to support their customers better than most printed circuit plate providers. This makes them a natural choice as their supplier of rigid printed circuit plates. They can provide prototypes and small series to medium orders of rigid double-sided and double-sided printed circuit plates and SMT templates as well. The high-quality service, excellent service, competitive prices, and timely delivery make Chemtronic LTD the ideal partner for all their PCB needs!

Chemtronic Ltd is also up to the expectations of being one of the leading PCB manufacturers through the range of products and services they offer. With an emphasis on efficiency and innovation, the manufacturer does an excellent job by designing a wide range of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Its list of circuit board products includes:

  • Rigid printed circuit plate
  • IC Board bearer
  • High-density connection plate (HDI)
  • The chip in the memory of the movie
  • Rigid-flex PCB – up to 8 Layers for Flex PCB and up to 10 Layers for Rigid Flex PCB
  • Single-sided PCB
  • Double-Sided PTH PCB
  • Multilayer PCB – up to 14 Layers
  • Aluminum PCB

PCB application areas:

Another factor you want to consider before hiring a PCB manufacturer is the coverage or extension of its circuit plate design process. Chemtronic LTD helps you design circuit boards that can be applied in many use cases. The widespread applications and the cases of use of their printed circuit plates are:

  • Portable devices
  • Vehicles/cars
  • Netcom
  • Cell phones

An essential factor by which this PCB manufacturer is ahead of others is due to the advanced technology used to lose weight and automate and manufacture products that would be used in different applications.

Add: Hristo Botev str. 100 Stara Zagora Bulgaria

4. Micron 20 LTD

Located in Bulgaria, Micron 20 LTD can offer potential clients printed circuit boards with 1-40 layers. In addition to this, they offer a wide range of materials from the Board. This means that you can meet your PCB needs. Sending a Gerber file will result in the sales team providing a precise PCB appointment.

In addition to this, fast-change PCBs are also offered, which means that you can get your required products in less time. This manufacturer also offers PCB prototypes for potential customers, low-cost PCBs, and production PCBs. This ensures that they can serve a wide range of industries. It doesn’t matter in which industry; micron 20 LTD can help you get the needed PCB.

Add: 46 Ljubliana str, 1618, Sofia, Bulgaria

5. Prima-Tech-Pro Ltd

PRIMA-TECH-PRO is a dynamically developing company specializing in the assembly of small and medium series printed circuit boards and electronics, Supply of electronic components, Design and supply of printed circuit boards, and Design and supply of metal stencils. which has provided its customers with a broad range of services in this sector for more than 20 years now.

The company is located in Bulgaria and works predominantly for the European market.

Products and Services

  • Assembly of printed circuit board and electronics

The company is specialized in services related to the assembly of printed circuit boards and electronics in small series and quantities which makes PRIMA-TECH-PRO the ideal place for the production and assembly of printed circuit boards for small and non-standard orders.

The leading service the company provides to its customers is the assembly of printed circuit boards and electronics. It includes the following elements:

  • Surface mount
  • Conventional assembly
  • Programming and testing
  • Final assembly
  • Rework and repairs

Depending on the customer’s requirements are provided different elements or combinations of them.

  • Supply of electronic components – PRIMA-TECH-PRO has a wide range of electronic components for surface and conventional mounting, displays, and all parts or consumables required for production and can supply all parts and materials required to produce products in the shortest time and at the lowest price.
  • Design and supply of printed circuit board – PRIMA-TECH-PRO offer to its customers to design the printed circuit board topology.
  • Design and supply of SMT Stencils – The optimal design of the stencils is crucial in providing excellent productivity and quality in our production processes.

Add: Tzarigradsko Shossey 7-km BIC IZOT Building

6. Reco Bulgaria Ltd

“Reco – Bulgaria” Ltd. provides the complete process of electronic device production – from PCB design to component assembling, testing, and delivery.

PCB design according to customer electrical circuit, size, and specific requirements.

Production of single side, double side (DS), and multilayer (ML) PCBs.

Electronic components are regular supplies from over 100 world-known manufacturers according to the specific customer requirements for price and quality.

Fully automated SMD & through hole assembling.

Reco Bulgaria Ltd supplies high-quality single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer printed circuit boards, electronic component assembly, and functional / In-circuit tests of assembled PCBs.

Bare PCB: single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered PCBs of different shapes and sizes in compliance with customers’ specifications and requirements.

  • Printed tracks: minimum width – 0,18 mm. Distance between the printed elements – 0,20 mm.
  • PCBs with surface-mounted components (SMD).
  • PCB size: 500x600mm for double-sided PCBs and 372×525 or 449x474mm for multi-layers.
  • Minimum drill diameter – 0,30 mm.
  • The PCB thickness and the hole diameters are defined depending on the customer’s requirements.
  • Mask color: light green, dark green, white, blue, red, or black.
  • PCB Testing: 100 % electrical function test; 100% Visual inspection; Automatic-Optical-Inspection (layout and surface dependent); Flying probe, A5-model.

Add: 1574 Sofia / Bulgaria 65/3, Shipchensky Prohod

7. Set PCB Technology Ltd.

SET PCB Technology was established in Ruse in 1969 and provided high-quality tested PCBs and electronic assemblies.

SET produces in Ruse, Bulgaria, with currently around 150 employees, and manufactures printed circuit board prototypes and serial production in standard and express service.

Printed circuit boards fabrication services:

  • Standard PCBs

–Single -sided PCB, FR4 (Tg 135 °C); FR2; CEM1, CEM3;

–Double-sided PCB, FR4 (Tg 135 °C), CEM3, FR4 (Tg 150°C), FR4 (Tg 170 °C), FR5

–Multilayer PCBs, FR4 (Tg 135 °C), FR4 (Tg 150°C), FR4 (Tg 170 °C)

  • Special PCBs

–IMS Aluminium PCBs

–High-Frequency PCBs

–Flexible PCBs

High-Tg PCBs

–Thick-copper PCBs up to 400 µm

  • SMD Stencils – SMD stencils from SET are manufactured using acid etched technology.
  • Panel Construction – Produce custom-made panels to reduce costs
  • PCB assembly service – SMT/THT assembly, Coating, Cable confection, High mix, low volume, flexible reaction, Production of prototypes, Express Services in manufacturing and assembly of small and large series.

Add: 1 Blvd, Hristo Botev BG-7018 Ruse, Bulgaria

8. VI&RUS International

“VI&RUS International” is a private company established in the year 2000 based on existing since the 1992 year “Biopriborostroene” PLC, which is a specialized company in developing and manufacturing printed circuit boards and electronic devices.

Products and Services

PCB Prototype

  • Base material – FR4, 1.55mm or 1,0mm
  • Copper thickness – 35um (1oz)
  • Solder mask – green
  • Silkscreen – White
  • Min drill size = 0.5mm
  • Min Track line = 0.2mm
  • Mechanical – Cutting (CNC) or V-Cut
  • Surface finish – Nickel Gold (ENIG) or Tin-Lead (Sn_Pb)

PCB Series

  • Base material – FR4, 1.55mm
  • Copper thickness – 35um (1oz)
  • Solder mask – green
  • Silkscreen – White
  • A cutting (CNC); milling; V-Cut
  • Surface finish – Nickel Gold (ENIG); Tin-Lead (Sn_Pb)
  • Standard Panel Size: 160x300mm
  • Minimum Panel Size: 100x160mm
  • Maximum Panel Size: 450x600mm
  • ENIG – 280x320mm
  • Sn_Pb – 450x600mm

SMT Stencils

  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Thickness 150um / 100um
  • Maximum size 300x500mm
  • Minimum size 100x300mm

Add: 158V,Vasil Aprilovblvd. 4003, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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