Top 5 PCB Manufacturers in Slovenia

Here is a list of the top PCB fabrication & assembly manufacturers in Slovenia. We have listed basic information about each company, including their business scope and strengths.
Top 5 PCB Fabrication & Assembly Manufacturers in Slovenia

There is a high global PCB demand. In fact, this market could reach $ 69.4 billion by 2024. Consumer products play an essential role in impulse demand. However, PCBs are not limited to phones and appliances. Manufacturers are also manufacturing products for the communication and doctors sectors. They are also changing the aerospace and automotive industries.

Soon, the Internet of things and the 5G market will create more opportunities for this industry. In addition, PCB manufacturers are using technology to offer new services. With the design assisted by AI, they can create PCB and custom components. With 3D impressions, it is possible to create prototypes and small races in a profitable way. And some manufacturers now offer end-to-end solutions that include designing and testing PCBs. Here is the list of top PCB Manufacturer companies in Slovenia.

1. AKA PCB doo

AKA PCB DOO is a Slovenian company that develops, manufactures, and sells PCBs. The company was founded in Lesce, Slovenia, although it had its roots in the PCB production business in Lesce. The AKA PCB DOO has three production facilities equipped with automated SMT machines for surface assembly technology (SMT).

Company Products:

AKA PCB DOO offers a wide range of products that we can use for different applications. For example, the company manufactures SMT boards and components for radiofrequency identification (RFID), magnetic sets, and electrical tests. The company also produces PCB products with a thickness between 0.04 and 0.125 inches, in line with the Europen Conformity Test Standard (CJAC).

The AKA PCB DOO has a fully automated SMT machine installation based in Slovenia. The company has also established production lines in different countries.

Material: AKA PCB DOO uses various materials when producing its PCB and components. For example, the company uses different degrees of Slovenia to produce different types of signal and energy management applications. In addition to using different materials for its products, the AKA PCB DOO also uses advanced technologies to manufacture its internal products that are impossible using conventional production processes.

The AKA PCB DOO Layers: A material such as FR4 at the top of a copper motherboard with organic tin compounds in the specific production process. We do this to deliver a product width between 0.030 and 0.25 inches.

Tolerances: AKA PCB DOO has very strict tolerances when producing its PCB and components. The company’s standard tolerance level is within 0.003 millimeters, which means that all AKA PCB DOO manufacturing facilities can efficiently administer such tolerances. In addition, the company uses a strict quality control process to meet all the production standards required for each application.

2. Intectiv D.O.O.

This is a Slovenian company that specializes in the production of Printable PCBs. The company operates in two locations, both equipped with fully automated SMT machines for surface assembly technology (SMT).

Company products:

Intectiv D.O.O. It produces a wide range of brand printable PCBs for different applications. Some examples include electronic assemblies and interconnection boards. In addition, the company also constructs custom printed circuit boards that are exclusive to the application used. The production range includes single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer printed circuit boards (up to 24 layers), Flex, and Rigid-Flex.

At the request of our customers we use special materials for production, such as ALU and Cu core, Teflon, High-Frequency Rogers and other.

The business model implies the use of automated production facilities. The corporation’s factories have fully automated SMT machines for surface assembly technology (SMT), which allow the production of PCB and ICS boards. In terms of the PCB procedure, the number of coatings and precise thicknesses is crucial for the quality of the manufactured product.

Assembly type: Intectiv D.O.O. It has a strict level of tolerance for its boards and PCB products. The manufacturer’s standard tolerance level is within 0.003 mm, which makes its products very precise. In addition, the thickness and layers of the board adhere to very strict tolerances by the company. The company places a material such as FR4 at the top of a copper motherboard with organic tin combinations to provide a product thickness between 0.030 and 0.25 inches.

WELDING TYPE: INTECTIV D.O.O. Use different types of assembly for PCB and components. The company’s standard welding process implies using paste and implies reflux welding.

3. Lingva d.o.o.

Lingva D.O.O. It is a Slovenian company that produces PCB, electronic components and circuit plates printed by SMD. The company is in Cerknica Slovenia and also works in different countries. El Lingva D.O.O. It is a young company that began after 2000. The company’s mission is “we plan worldwide, we produce locally and act accordingly.” The company produces PCB, electronic components, and SMD printed circuit plates for different applications such as Smart Energy Management, Industrial Automation, Industry 4.0, and IoT (Internet of Things).

Lingva D.O.O. It produces PCBs used for lighting technology, temperature control, and even sensors. The company’s products come in varied shapes and sizes, such as robust rigid flexion circuits, large area flexible circuits, multiple layers, and even a small PCB, which is usually called a small board. The company also produces SMD printed circuit plates enclosed in cases of plastic and modules that allow customers to incorporate them with the customer application.

4. TRONITEC d.o.o.

Tronitec D.O.O. is a Slovenian company that produces a wide range of PCB and SMD (surface assembly devices). You will find it in Lesce, Slovenia. Tronitec D.O.O. produces PCB, printed circuit boards, and SMD plates for the industrial and automotive electronics industry. We can utilize the company’s products for different applications such as industrial industrialization, smart industry 4.0, telecommunications, and customer electronics. Tronitec D.O.O.  produces several PCBs that we can use for several applications. For example, the company manufactures PCBs that we can use for high-frequency applications and low-power circuit plates. The company also manufactures custom PCB boards and multi-cap structures with more than two layers.

Tronitec D.O.O. also manufactures custom PCB boards for customers with specific requirements for your product. These custom PCBs can meet customer requirements, ensuring they do not obtain a product that does not fit their needs. The company’s products have different materials, and we can use them at various temperatures. The Tronitec D.O.O. procedure ensures that the parts are installed in the best way to confirm that their features are adequate and follow the client’s needs.

5. Elgoline

Elgoline is the leading company for prototype PCB production in Slovenia. Printed circuit boards are used almost everywhere in electronics.

The company was founded in 2003 as a workshop assembling electronic components with a vision of becoming a leading company in the EMS market.

The production and business premises of Elgoline are situated at the Podskrajnik Industrial Zone in the Municipality of Cerknica.

PCB production by Elgoline

Surface Finishes:

  • Chemical gold, Au: min. 0,05µm, Ni: min. 3,0µm
  • Galvanic gold, Au: min. 0,2µm
  • HAL SnPb
  • HAL Lead-free
  • Chemical Sn
  • Chemical Nickel
  • OSP (Organic Surface Protection)
  • Chemical silver: 0,2 – 0,4µm
  • (Thickness and end treatment apply to circuit boards only)

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