Leading PCB Manufacturer in Russia

Here is a list of leading PCB manufacturers in Russia which offers high-quality PCB fabrication and turnkey PCB assembly services.
PCB Manufacturer in Russia

If you desire your electronic manufacturing services demands, including printed circuit boards, to be met, it helps to find a top PCB manufacturer in Russia. However, this can always pose challenges due to the limited number of PCB manufacturers. So, the idea is to get the best out of the available electronic manufacturing service providers. Russia is a global powerhouse in terms of industrialization, and like many other industrialized nations, the importance of electronic components cannot be understated. However, it is strange that the country’s electronics industry has faced many problems recently. There are very few private electronic providers in the country, including PCB assembly providers. However, this can be indicated by the heavy investment by the government in this sector to meet its electronic and industrial needs.

Finding the most suitable and top-quality PCB assembly manufacturer in Russia can be complicated and easy at the exact time, depending on your perspective. For example, landing the best PCB manufacturer becomes quick and straightforward if you consider specific and important selection aspects. Conversely, walking in the dark can be daunting, leading to the wrong choice of PCB assembly manufacturer in Russia. In this article, you will see the top PCB assembly companies in Russia, their services, and some unique advantages over other companies.

Top 8 PCB Manufacturer in Russia
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    1. IRZ (Izhevskiy radiozavod)

    IRZ (Izhevskiy Radiozavod) was established in 1958 in Izhevsk, one of the industrial centers of Russia. The private corporate group has advanced engineering and production technologies that enable it to manufacture radio electronics for a variety of industries, including oil and gas equipment, railway automation and security systems, and telecommunications equipment under the IRZ brand and the manufacture of IRZ Electronics also allows you to provide services.

    The company’s capabilities cover all production activities enabling the complete product development cycle, from an idea to series production based on LEAN manufacturing principles. Both small batches and serial products with the same high quality can be produced with no minimum order quantity limits. The QMS is certified and meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO/TS 22163. IRZ also includes prototyping using additive technologies among other technologies in product R&D and industrial design.

    The company maintains the production of printed circuit boards. Designs and manufactures the following types:

    • Multilayer PCB with blind and hidden holes;
    • high-frequency and microwave plates, including metal-coated perforated multi-layer plates;
    • Microwave multilayer PCBs are made of Russian and imported materials.
    • flexible cables with metal-clad holes.
    • Printed transformer
    • Flexible cables and PCBs
    • Flex-rigid PCBs, microwave PCBs, including multilayer boards
    • Aluminum-based PCBs
    • Copper alloy pins with the thickness of 0.05—0.2 m

    Mechanical processing wraps the processing of metal/non-metal fabrics, plastics, and rubber using advanced CNC machining centers. The production facilities allow electroplating, artwork, and varnishing. The corporation also fabricates design, complexity, and quantity cables with connectors, sealed components, and resistive markings.

    2. Rezonit LLC

    Rezonit LLC is a Russian printed circuit board assembly company headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Rezonit LLC can provide turnkey and partial turnkey PCB assembly services. The highly rated electronics manufacturing service provider bills itself as an industry leader in PCB manufacturing and assembly. It specializes in providing manufacturing and assembly of various types of PCB products for domestic and foreign markets.

    In fact, Rezonit LLC is a professional and highly trusted electronic manufacturing and assembly company in Russia that provides high-quality and reliable PCB manufacturing and assembly services for small and large-scale on-budget production needs. . Rezonit LLC’s specialty is focused on cost-effective PCB design, manufacturing, assembly and testing. Therefore, the company not only offers you effective PCB manufacturing based on your own infrastructure, but also assists you throughout your custom PCB manufacturing, assembly and usage demands to meet your needs with your electronic products up to the final.

    Company Highlights:

    • More than 750 employees
    • More than twenty-three years of knowledge in the industry
    • Specializes in complete cycle contract electronics manufacturing and serial PCB production
    • Complies with industry norms and standards
    • Shortest production time for PCB

    Products and services offered:

    • Serial PCB
    • Urgent PCBs
    • High-tech printed circuit boards
    • Assembly of printed circuit boards
    • Mounting templates

    Website: https://www.rezonit.ru/

    Address: 124527, г. Москва, г. Зеленоград, Солнечная Аллея, д. 6

    3. Technotech

    Technotech is a constantly expanding and developing company founded in 1972. Technotech is a branch manufacturing company with nearly 50 years of experience manufacturing printed circuit boards. Successfully mastering and implementing advanced technological solutions, continuous innovation, and process optimization enable the production of sixth-class precision printed circuit boards.

    It has a large and skilled workforce spread across different locations in different countries to manufacture high-quality printed circuit boards. This is achievable by integrating the latest technologies and world-class facilities. The company offers a full range of services, from manufacturing printed circuit boards for production to starting a complete electronic assembly. The corporation specializes in manufacturing PCBs (from individual PCBs and small-quantity rapid production to large-batch delivery), PCB assembly, sales of materials for PCB production and assembly, and electronics in preparing by-product contracts for manufacturing products.

    Products and services offered:

    4. Service Devices

    Service Devices has been manufacturing printed circuit boards since 1997 and is one of Russia’s largest printed circuit board manufacturers. The company’s goal is to provide customers with the most comprehensive contract manufacturing service, from printed circuit board manufacturing to turnkey PCB assembly services. The company’s mission is to create high-tech electronic products, develop and utilize modern production techniques, and obtain high-quality printed circuit board products quickly.

    Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Services

    PCB Assembly Services

    Website: https://service-devices.com/

    Address: Мытищиг. , Олимпийский проспект, д.10 141001

    5. Компонетика - componetica

    Компонетика was established in 2008 and has accumulated rich experience in various PCB assembly business for 14 years.

    As the company grows and develops, from the very beginning small batches want to mass-produce circuit boards of various quantities and complexities.

    The company offers turnkey services including:

    • Printed circuit board production
    • Component Sourcing
    • Automatic and manual PCB assembly
    • Prototype PCB Assembly
    • Low volume PCB assembly
    • High volume PCB assembly
    • surface mount technology
    • Through hole PCB assembly
    • function test
    • PCB Design
    • Packaging and Shipping

    Website: https://componetica.ru/

    Address: 14066, Пермь, шоссе Космонавтов, 111

    6. Микролит- Microlit

    The company “Microlit” was established in Zelenograd (Moscow JSC) in 2003, specializing in contract manufacturing of electronic products for Russian electronics industry enterprises.

    Main services:

    • Printed circuit boards of any complexity from a single prototype to mass production.
    • Procurement of electronic components
    • All types of printed circuit board mounting

    Russian printed circuit board factory

    The production facilities of “Microlit” are located in Zelenograd (JSC Moscow), Zbovo (Moscow Oblast) and St. Petersburg. The company has four high-performance automatic installation lines, manual assembly workshops, and laser-cut stencils.

    Printed circuit board fabrication services

    “Microlit” accepts manufacturing orders for printed circuit boards, from prototype to high volume production, including metal substrates and microwave materials, high density printed circuit boards (HDI), flex PCBs and rigid flex PCBs.

    • Single layer PCB
    • Double sided PCB
    • Multilayer PCB – up to 20 layers
    • Rogers PCB – up to 12 layers
    • Metal Core PCB
    • Flexible PCB – up to 8 layers
    • Rigid-flex PCB – up to 24 layers (flex parts up to 8 layers)

    Meanwhile, “Microlit” provides the following types of printed circuit board assembly services:

    Automatic installation: Four automatic PCB assembly lines with a capacity of 150,000 components per hour.

    Manual Mounting: Highly qualified personnel combined with modern soldering equipment and materials enable high-quality manual mounting for both surface mount and through-hole mounting.

    Website: https://www.microlit.ru/

    Address: 124527, город Москва, город Зеленоград, Cолнечная Аллея, дом 6

    7. MicroEM Tech

    The company “MicroEM Tech” is a Russian contract manufacturer of electronic products, offering customers flexible contract manufacturing services within the framework of the implementation of the most complex projects. One of the company’s mainstays is the ability to offer full-cycle contract manufacturing. “MicroEM Tech” provides a wide range of services for the development of electronic devices, from conception to post-warranty services.

    Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

    Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

    “MicroEM Tech” provides any type of printed circuit board. Simple double-sided printed circuit boards (FR-4, CEM, etc.) made of fiberglass, multi-layer HDI PCB boards, microwave PCB boards, flex and rigid flex PCB boards made of various materials, with different thickness copper tracks metal-based (aluminum) plate. Circuit boards can have different color masks and screen printing, different surface treatments (HASL, Lead-free HASL, plated Gold, OSP, etc.).

    PCB Assembly Services

    MicroEM Technologies offers a wide range of services as a contract manufacturer of modern electronics, the central location of which is the installation of printed circuit boards.

    • 2 SMT installation lines with a total capacity of 150,000 components per hour
    • Over 50 highly qualified experts
    • Over 10,000 completed orders
    • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
    • selective soldering unit
    • Online IDF device
    • X-ray
    • AOI

    Supply of electronic components

    MicroEM Technologies provides not only PCB manufacturing and assembly services, but also consignment procurement services for electronic components. Customers can choose 100% “turnkey” ordering electronics production services or choose the option they need.

    Website: https://microem.tech/

    Address: г. Москва, Зеленоград, Сосновая аллея, д. 6А

    8. Резалт Электроника - "Rezalt Electronics"

    The company “Rezalt Electronics” has been operating on the market since 2009 and is one of the leading contract manufacturers of electronics in the Russian Federation. The company provides a full range of services in the field of contract manufacturing of electronic products: supply of printed circuit boards, electronic components, printed circuit board surface mount and through-hole mounting, BGA mounting, functional testing, etc.

    Printed circuit board production

    • Prototype PCB Manufacturing
    • Bulk PCB Manufacturing
    • Single sided PCB
    • Double sided PCB
    • Multilayer PCB – up to 64 layers
    • HDI PCB
    • Flexible PCB
    • Rigid Flex PCB
    • Metal Core PCB
    • Board Size: 1000*600mm
    • Solder Mask: Green, Yellow, white, Black, Blue, Red
    • Surface Finish: HASL, Lead Free HASL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Plated Gold, OSP

    printed circuit board assembly

    • Installed capacity of 91,000 components per hour
    • Prototype PCB assembly
    • High volume PCB assembly
    • Surface mounting technology
    • Through Hole technology
    • Manual Soldering
    • Selective Soldering
    • 100% quality control
    • X-ray

    Website: https://www.rescontr.ru/

    Address: 192102, РФ, САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ УЛ. САМОЙЛОВОЙ, Д. 5, ЛИТ. Ж


    PCBs are necessary for the advancement of contemporary technology and it would be impossible to do without them. The work of PCB designers has simplified thanks to a large number of tools. PCB manufacturers are playing an important role in providing high-end PCB assembly to their customers. Hire any PCB assembly manufacturer listed above to get your new product up and running in no time. With the ever-increasing demands for developed and professionally created high-quality printed circuit boards these days, it is clear that the manufacturing and maintenance of electronic products can be improved effectively.

    So, whether you need to upgrade your own home or office electronics, or need to improve the manufacturing grade of your tech-based corporation, selecting one of the electronic assembly companies mentioned above will definitely help you take advantage of the best results. So, take advantage of a productive, efficient and professional use of printed circuit board for your technological/mechanical devices and improve their performance.

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