Leading PCB Manufacturer In Netherlands or Holland

Here is a list of leading PCB manufacturer in Netherlands, which offers high quality PCB fabrication and turnkey PCB assembly services in Holland.
PCB Manufacturers in Holland OR Netherland

You have been listening to printed circuit boards for a long time, and now you are ready to see what it offers. Before we look at these printed circuit board corporations and what they offer, let’s understand the concept behind PCB. A PCB is a slim board made from laminate materials, such as composite epoxy and fiberglass. The board has many lines and pads designed to connect different components, such as transistors, resistors, and integrated circuits. PCB designs come from the electrical engineering process that shapes your device’s work. The lack of electronics leaves you with a bunch of plastic and metal in your hands. Netherlands has one of the biggest numbers of PCB manufacturers, so you can be sure you’ll get the price you’re looking for.

On the other hand, it may grab you some time to locate a PCB manufacturer who can provide the highest value in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. That’s why we’ve saved you the guesswork and tedious search moments. Now, we have reached up to the leading PCB manufacturers in Netherlands who are doing a great job with printed circuit board related projects. Would you like to try these PCB companies? Before you do, let’s review their services and what they offer so that you can get a deeper insight into what you benefit from when you use them.

1. Advanced Quality Control

When it comes to PCB manufacturing in the Netherlands, Advanced Quality Control (AQC) stands tall above other PCB manufacturers. Founded in 2014, the company over the last nine (9) years of its existence, has delivered tremendous importance when it comes to printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication. What is amazing is that the company focuses on different types of PCB manufacturing, such as multi-layer and double-sided. The company also offers advanced boards, such as High-Frequency PCB, Metal Core PCB, Rigid Flex PCB, etc., as well as excellent quality fabrication, which is why its services are in high demand worldwide.

Also, being among the top PCB manufacturers in the Netherlands is not unconnected with the pleasure of its clients, who do not waver in saying good things about the company all the time. Therefore, we keep it as our best value pick and most recommended PCB manufacturer in the Netherlands for the above and many other reasons. Advanced quality control has provided worldwide exclusive production and delivery of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Services and products offered by the manufacturer:

Website: https://www.aqcbv.com/

Address: Zuiddijk 5 5705 CS Helmond, The Netherlands

2. Bellmann

Bellman is a relatively small company but quick to operate due to short lines of communication. Their size means they can be flexible in their work. Tailor-made production is available, and they work with the client to assess their needs. North Holland common sense is what they are made of, which means a high level of service and no-nonsense. Established in 1978, the manufacturing company specializes in Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, and Rigid-flex PCB. The company has advanced equipment, the latest technologies, and skilled personnel to provide quality printed circuit board products for various sectors. It is headquartered in Anna Paulina, ​​Nederland, NH.

In addition to large format printed circuit boards, they manufacture prototype printed circuit boards in small quantities and in large quantities where fast delivery and quality are essential. With an office in Shenzhen, China, three has direct access to one of the world’s most important hubs. Bellman specializes in large format printed circuit boards up to 1500mm in length with aluminum or FR4. There is no standard printed circuit board. Each printed circuit board is unique. To be capable of offering the right solutions for all tasks and products, they also provide advanced printed circuit board materials such as rigid-flex and flex.

Services and products offered by the manufacturer:

  • Prototype printed circuit boards
  • Printed circuit boards up to 1500mm with FR4
  • Aluminum PCB
  • Rigid-flex PCB
  • Flex PCB
  • Single Sided PCB
  • Double Sided PCB

Website: https://www.bellmann.nl/

Address: De Lange Ring 19, Anna Paulowna, 1761AS, NH, Netherlands

3. Head Electronics BV

Head Electronics BV comes as a highly rated and progressive PCB manufacturing service provider. It specializes in designing and building products to improve the world. The company takes a partnership approach to provide PCB technology innovation, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions to clients. It has a large and skilled workforce spread across various locations in different countries to develop high-quality printed circuit board manufacturing solutions. This is made possible by combining the latest technologies and world-class facilities. It is located in the Netherlands, AH Katwijk aan Zee, Ambachtsweg.

There are many other possible reasons for the patronage of Head Electronics BV, including the use of high-speed pick-and-place machines that can process around 28,000 printed circuit board components per hour. The company also complies with RoHS standards, as it offers state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing, PCB prototype, and SMD stencil assembly services.

Services and products offered by the manufacturer:

Website: https://www.head.nl/

Address: Ambachtsweg 17 2222 AH Katwijk The Netherlands

4. KOVO electronics BV

KOVO electronics BV is located in Ittervoort Netherlands. It is the largest national high-tech PCB manufacturing company in the Netherlands. Its products and services include 2-14 Layer PCB Prototype, HDIP PCB, Multilayer printed circuit board, Thick Copper PCB, High Frequency PCB, LED Aluminum PCB, Metal Includes core MCPCB, and flexible PCB.

This corporation is one of the greatest PCB manufacturers in the Netherlands. The company caters to some of the largest and leading electronic companies in the Netherlands in the fields of telecommunications, televisions, energy meters, white goods, set-top boxes, remote controls, LEDs, CFLs, lighting, automobiles and consumer electronics. In production, printed circuit boards are always fully electronically tested by automated optical inspection.

Services and products offered by the manufacturer:

  • Rigid printed circuit boards
  • Flex printed circuit board
  • Flex Rigid PCBs
  • Metalcore (IMS) printed circuit boards
  • Special and Complex PCBs
  • Multilayer printed circuit board
  • Aluminum PCB

Website: http://www.kovoelectronics.nl/

Address: Asia Street 7A 6014 DA Ittervoort PO Box 3709 6014 ZG Ittervoort NETHERLANDS


AISLER empowers agile electronics development by simplifying and speeding up electronics manufacturing services. And it offers a wide array of electronics manufacturing services ranging from manufacturing bare prototyping circuit boards and stencils to fully-fledged assembly services for small and large batches. AISLER caters to anyone in need of solving the challenges of modern iterative electronics development.

Products and Services

Website: https://aisler.net/

Address: Schoolstraat 2 6295AV Lemiers The Netherlands

6. Loxius BV

Loxius is a versatile electronics manufacturer and developer under one roof!

You can contact Loxius for printed circuit boards (schematic & print layouts), printed circuit board assembly, and complete products made up of the latest techniques.

In the early years, Loxius only produced single-layer PCB, and later components developed to produce double-sided PCB and multilayer PCB.

The printed circuit boards Loxius supplies can be divided into the following groups:

  • Single-sided printed circuit boards
  • Single-sided printed circuit boards with a metal core (IMS/Metalboard)
  • Double-sided Metallized printed circuit boards
  • Multilayers (4, 6, or 8 layers)
  • Flex- and Rigid-Flex printed circuit boards

In addition to the production of your printed circuit boards, Loxius BV also takes care of the assembly. From traditional conventional printed circuit boards to highly complex SMD assembly.

Delivery times are standard 15 working days, provided that the data is complete and the components are in stock.

Of course, this delivery time can be shortened to a few working days if necessary.

To distinguish the differences in components and assembly techniques, we divide the assembly into categories:

  • Conventional assembly
  • SMD assembly
  • Mixed assembly
  • Product assembly
  • Other assemblies

Website: https://www.loxius.nl/

Address: Lange Broekstraat 3, NL-4944 XH Window shadow Netherlands

7. PSD (Print Service Dordrecht)

PSD has been thinking along with its customers for 37 years, during the entire design process, from idea, via layout design, PCB manufacturing, and parts procurement to assembled printed circuit board (or parts thereof). From single-sided to multi-layer, from prototype to large series! For both individuals and companies. PSD designs in accordance with EMC and CE standards and has the facilities to safely carry out the parts purchasing and handling and the assembly ESD. Psd also does not forget the appearance of your product by considering the housing around it during the print design.

Printed Circuit Boards Supplier

Printed circuit boards can be supplied by PSD from a simple single-sided design to complicated 10-layer multi-layers. At PSD, you can still go, as at one of the few, for an affordable single- or double-sided print from a layout, drawing with rubbing symbols, or from a magazine, but also for double-sided metalized panels from your computer CAD design file. The prints are made of Epoxy FR4 as standard, but Epoxy FR2, Composite CEM-1, or polyester flex printing are also possible.

The prints can also be provided with a component print and/or a solder mask. It is also possible to test the prints electrically before shipment (except for the prints whose layout is supplied as a drawing or film, without the corresponding cad-computer file).

Depending on the print type, any extras, and the number, delivery times from 1 working day are possible.

Website: http://psd.nl/

Address: Boerkensleen 31 4705 RL Roosendaal The Netherlands

8. Thales Group Competence Centre-PCB (GCC-PCB)

The Thales Group Competence Centre-PCB (GCC-PCB) ensures a strategically important supply chain of complex printed Circuit Boards within the Thales Group, used for demanding applications such as Radar and Optronics in Land-based, Naval, Airborne, and Space applications.

The PCB facility operates as an independent company with its own management for business-to-business relations, to be in direct contact with customers. This enables us to swiftly respond to your needs with respect to prototypes and small series of high-end printed circuit boards. This form of concurrent engineering, in close cooperation with the customer, facilitates an efficient development process and a swift transition to production.

Core activity

Upstream design and process development for:

  • Complex build-up requiring multiple press and plating cycles
  • Mixed materials
  • Exceptionally large panel sizes
  • Any via layer interconnection
  • Thermal management solutions
  • Embedded/ buried components

The GCC-PCB’s advanced capability is demonstrated by the pioneering development of mixed Signal, mixed material Printed Circuit Boards as early as 2000. This technology, marrying digital and high-frequency layers into a single board, greatly enhances the functionality and yields a significant reduction in size and weight compared to conventional packaging technologies. Another distinguishing capability is the ability to manufacture mixed material boards on outsize panels as large as 48” x 24” [1219.2 x 609.6mm].

Typical Product and Service categories

Printed Circuit Boards form the backbone of advanced electronic systems. Product categories include mixed material multilayers, non-standard outsize panels, HDI multilayers, strip lines, and highly long flex and flex-rigid structures. Application areas are power modules, analog, and mixed-signal boards, RF, and high-speed digital, and antenna panels. Small series and prototyping are particular strengths.

Services offered include:

  • Technology- and process innovation
  • Consultancy
  • Design-for-manufacturing analysis
  • Engineering support
  • Prototyping
  • New product introduction
  • Small series production
  • Support with respect to technology transfer and Sourcing

Website: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/countries/europe/netherlands/innovation/gcc-printed-circuit-boards

Address: Zuidelijke Havenweg 40 P.O. box 42 7554 RR Hengelo (Ov) The Netherlands

9. VDR Electronics

VDR Electronics is your PCB manufacturer and distributor for Europe. Very competitive prices and high-quality printed circuit boards make VDR Electronics Europe’s favorite supplier.

Have printed circuit board made of professional quality

Etching a printed circuit board yourself is useful if you want to test a prototype quickly, but often not sufficient due to the limitations and low quality. You can contact us if you want to have a printed circuit board made professionally with tight tolerances and an excellent finish. As standard, the printed circuit boards are equipped with a double-sided colored solder mask and double-sided component print (silkscreen), and the printed circuit board can be executed in 1, 2, or 4 copper layers. With a minimum web width of 0.15mm (6mil), even the most minor SMD components are no problem!

This is what you can expect from VDR Electronics’s printed circuit boards

  • 100% Electrical test for short circuits and fractures
  • 35-micron copper (standard) or thickened 70 micron copper (on request)
  • Double-sided circuit board at no extra cost
  • Colored solder mask included on both sides
  • Component imprint included on both sides
  • Printed circuit board contour wholly milled: all shapes are possible, including round.
  • Minimum track width & clearance from 0.15mm (6mil)


Address: Pastoor Nicolaus de Reimsstraat 3 Netherlands, Limburg, Meerssen

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