Leading 10 PCB Manufacturer in Germany

Here is a list of the leading 10 PCB manufacturers in Germany. Germany PCB manufacturer offers high-end PCB Fabrication and PCB assembly services.
PCB Manufacturer in Germany

When we talk about electronics, it is evident that each product is made up of multiple components that serve the productive and efficient performance of the product as a whole. Among these components, the most crucial element used in the field of electronic engineering today in all kinds of elements is a printed circuit board. In fact, a PCB is also a powerful aspect that students need when creating electronic projects. But when it comes to buying a high-quality PCB, you generally have plenty of the best PCB manufacturing companies to choose from, with the smaller ones also offering professional assembly services. However, the best results of a printed circuit board installed in any device can only be achieved if designers and manufacturers assemble them professionally as well.

It can be risky to find the best PCB assembly companies in Germany. This is due in part to the various companies that offer the service and mainly due to the important factors that will help you narrow down the selection. But that is no longer a concern for you, since professional electronic assembly companies in Germany today offer you both services. What are these companies? Let’s go forward and analyses some of the top German electronic assembly companies below.

Top 10 PCB Manufacturer in Germany
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    1. Basista Leiterplatten GmbH

    Basista Leiterplatten GmbH is a German printed circuit board assembly company headquartered in Kardinal, Hengsbach, Germany. Basista Leiterplatten GmbH can offer turnkey and partial turnkey PCB assembly services. They manage the entire process for complete turnkey solutions, from PCB fabrication to component procurement (100% original), PCBA testing, quality control and final assembly. On a partial turnkey basis, the customer supplies the PCBs, selects the components, and handles the remaining ingredients. The company presents itself as a highly qualified EMS company specializing in providing PCB manufacturing solutions for the German markets and beyond. It focuses on turnkey and partial turnkey printed circuit board assembly services and thus provides semiconductor and system resolutions for industrial electronics and automotive.

    Basista Leiterplatten GmbH is one of the oldest printed circuit boards (PCB) assembly companies in Germany. The company specializes in the manufacturing of different types of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The company also specializes in delivering advanced and sustainable solutions for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry. The company offers component procurement and management, ranging from the outsourcing process to providing custom options for purchase. The company’s purchasing department focuses on component availability, price competitiveness, as well as component quality. It is worth mentioning that Basista Leiterplatten GmbH offers both turnkey and consignment outsourcing processes. The company is also willing to ship its printed circuit board products when they are ready. The printed circuit board facilities the company offers include:

    2. MicroCirtec Micro Circuit Technology GmbH

    Microcirtec is a German family-owned manufacturer of printed circuit boards, guaranteeing the highest level of quality, service and good price, only based on the experience and skill of its PCB production in Krefeld, in the Rhine area. Provides a convenient and economical procurement tool for low to high volume runs of single sided, double sided, plated and multilayer printed circuit boards. The company is committed to helping customers every step of the way, helping them find the right PCB board assembly, as well as assembling and testing the board. It is located at Oberdießemer Straße 15-47805 Krefeld Germany, and has a highly qualified workforce, the latest technologies and equipment to manufacture quality and certified electronic products.

    The company was launched in 1977, at a time when only a few companies had ventured into PCB assembly. Despite that, Microcirtec was propelled forward by determined leadership, a move that led to the company’s enduring success over the years. Microcirtec offers a full range of services, making it a full-service Electronic Contract Manufacturer (ECM). The manufacturing procedure utilized by the company includes feasibility studies, part design and PCB component development. The company’s priority is on the manufacturing of medical appliances using a large number of solutions, including surface mount technology (SMT).

    The printed circuit board facilities the company offers include:

    3. LeitOn GmbH

    LeitOn GmbH is one of the leading providers of electronic services in Germany. The company specializes in the high-volume production, development and industrialization of high-quality electronic devices and solutions. The company was started in 2004, and its goal at the time was to use LeitOn GmbH to provide testing of electronic equipment. Over the past Eateen years, the company has expanded beyond simply being an equipment testing engineering agency. It is now one of the renowned companies that specialize in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT) are two of the most popular and widely used ways of assembling printed circuit boards (PCBs).

    LeitOn GmbH understands this, and that is why the company continually invests in advancing its PCB assembly solutions. The corporation has also expanded the number of manufacturing places in Berlin, Germany and elsewhere in China. In this way, the company can supply clients with the best printed circuit board assembly solutions they need. Parallel manufacturing lines for printed circuit board assembly enable high-volume production, rapid prototyping, and parallel production. The estimate is that LeitOn GmbH manufactures about 150 million Surface Mount Devices (SMD) each year, with an average of 55,000 components per line per hour. LeitOn GmbH also offers complete printed circuit board assembly, from the assembly of circuit boards to the assembly of cables, electronic sub-assemblies and mechanical components on modules. After that, the devices would be tested, and, in some cases, the electronic sub-assemblies would be encapsulated or coated prior to testing.

    The printed circuit board facilities the company offers include:

    4. Andus Electronic Gmbh

    Andus Electronic Gmbh, a top PCB manufacturer based in Germany, Berlin.

    Andus Electronic Gmbh has been engaged in PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly for more than 52 years, and with these 52 years of experience, all requirements can be met. Currently, it has served more than 4000 customers, and fast delivery is their service feature.

    ANDUS specializes especially in prototypes and small and medium series production. Manufacturing capabilities include multi-layer PCB, flexible PCB and rigid-flex PCB, etc.

    ANDUS can offer you the assembly of your PCB on request.

    • Extremely short delivery times
    • SMD, conventional and mixed assembly is possible
    • Single and double sided SMD and conventional placement
    • Manual and automatic assembly
    • Lot size from 1 piece, prototyping and series production
    • Single or multi-piece assembly
    • assembly of electromechanical components
    • Testing according to your specifications
    • We take over the procurement of the components (if desired)
    • You receive everything from one source

    Address: Goerlitzer Str. 52 10997 Berlin Germany

    5. 5pcb.de GmbH

    5pcb.de GmbH specializes in the trading of printed circuit boards and assembled assemblies. 5pcb.de GmbH is a subsidiary of D.M. Electronic International Limited.

    5pcb.de GmbH offers you printed circuit boards and assemblies at the highest level. Through their reliable partners in Asia and Europe and their many years of experience in the PCB industry, they can provide the best quality at competitive prices.

    Products and Services by 5PCB

    • Single-sided PCBs
    • High-tech multilayer PCBs with up to 42 layers, from 1 piece to mass production
    • Flexible PCBs with up to 6 layers
    • Rigid-flex PCBs with up to 16 layers
    • Turnkey PCBA (PCB, Buying components, SMT/THT assembly, Electronic Test, Function Test, Package and logistics services)
    • SMD Stencils

    Address: Brockhauser Weg 24, 58840 Plettenberg, Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bottrop

    6. B&B Sachsenelektronik GmbH

    Since its establishment in Heiligenhaus in 1996, the B&B Group has stood for the best quality and service in PCB production.

    B&B provides PCB prototypes as well as low-volume PCB manufacturing services for customers throughout Europe in Germany. Since 2005, with its own PCB factory in Asia, it can provide customers with better cost performance.

    B&B’s PCB manufacturing services include:

    • Single Layer PCB
    • Double sided PCB
    • Multilayer PCB-up to 12 layer
    • Rigid-flex PCB
    • Flexible Circuit
    • Thick Copper PCB
    • IMS (Metal Core PCB)
    • HDI PCB
    • Products are RoHS and REACH compliant!

    Address: Leipziger Str. 40 09648 Mittweida Germany

    7. Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH

    Founding of the company Becker & Müller in Steinach in the black Forest by Mr. Waldemar Becker and Mr. Xaver Müller in 1985. The company specializes in the production of printed circuit boards with the focus on small series and samples.

    Becker & Müller is a medium-sized family business specializing in the development and manufacture of demanding printed circuit boards in sample, small and medium series. The product spectrum ranges from 1-layer PCB to 20-layer multilayers, and also supply rigid-flex and special HF-substrates.

    Highest quality, speed and reliability are among the most important factors with which they have earned an excellent reputation throughout Europe.

    PCB fabrication services by Becker & Müller

    • 1 Layer/2 Layers PCB
    • Multilayer PCB – up to 20 layers.
    • PCB-MIX – the same quality and more cost effective
    • Special types PCB
      • Rigid-flex and Semi-flex
      • High-frequency PCB
      • Impedance Controlled PCB
      • Thick-copper PCB
      • Aluminum core PCB(IMS)
      • High-current PCB
    • SMD stencils

    Address: Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH Bildstöckle 11 77790 Steinach iK Germany


    Beratronic GmbH is a service provider within the electronic branch with a focus on printed circuit boards, electronic manufacturing service, design, and development.

    Beratronic GmbH was founded in Nürnberg with the focal point in the electronic branch.

    Printed circuit board technology

    • Panel Size up to 1500mm x 670mm
    • Circuit Board Thickness 0,1-17,5mm
    • Smallest Drill Hole 0,075mm
    • Smallest Line/Space 50µm
    • Copper up to 1000µm
    • Up to 58 layers
    • Impedance Control
    • Laser-Microvias
    • Blind-, Buried Vias
    • Speedservice starting from 1 wd
    • Seriesproduction starting from 10 wds

    Electronic Manufacturing Service

    Address: Oedenbergerstraße 55-59 D-90491 Nürnberg Germany

    9. Elekonta Marek GmbH & Co. KG

    Elekonta Marek GmbH & Co. KG – The guarantor with over 40 years approved competence for printed circuit boards. The company can offer express-service prototype manufacture as well as small series with ultramodern technology.

    Laser-direct exposure and laser drilling are established manufacture-processes since 1996 at Elekonta. Since then, impedance-controlled multilayer as well as RF circuit boards with special substrate are part of our manufacture portfolio. The requirements for HDI circuit boards with ultrafine structures up to 50 µm, blind- and buried via steadily got more sophisticated, which consequently accounted for with ongoing development of our process parameters, for example microfill and LDI-capable solder resist.

    Circuit board types

    • 1- and 2-sided circuit boards
    • HF PCBs
    • Heavy Copper PCBs
    • Impedance controlled PCBs
    • Multilayer PCBs
    • HDI-SBU Multilayer PCBs
    • Flex PCBs
    • Flex-rigid PCBs
    • Metal core PCBs IMS, MCS (Cu)

    Address: Carl-Zeiss-Str. 11 70839 Gerlingen Germany

    10. Fischer printed circuit board GmbH

    Fischer printed circuit board GmbH has been a reliable PCB manufacturing partner for 50 years and has been providing high-quality printed circuit board manufacturing services to customers throughout Europe.

    By combining state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, the Fischer PCB team guarantees the best possible product quality.

    PCB fabrication service by Fischer PCB

    • Rigid PCBs – 1-8Layers
    • Flexible PCBs – Single/Double sided
    • Aluminum PCBs
    • SMD Stencils

    Address: Wullener Feld 15 58454 Witten Germany

    Of course, in addition to the above PCB manufacturers in Germany, there are other representative PCB manufacturing companies, such as:

    • GGP Electronics GmbH
    • Heidenhain Microprint GmbH
    • Hofmann Leiterplatten GmbH
    • HOTOPRINT Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
    • Würth Elektronik GmbH
    • Jenaer Leiterplatten GmbH
    • Tw-elektric Horst Mueller GmbH & Co. KG
    • Technoboards KRONACH GmbH
    • Straschu Industrie-Elektronik GmbH
    • Steimer PCB GmbH & Co. KG

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