PCB Manufacturer in Estonia

Here is a list of Estonia's top PCB fabrication and assembly companies. You can find the PCB manufacturer in Estonia.
PCB Manufacturer in Estonia

There is a lot going around about printed circuit boards, but the decision to choose a suitable PCB is not as easy as it seems. Although electronic manufacturers have a large range of choices, they are still quite concerned about versions and configurations because not every circuit board can achieve the desired results. Therefore, in order to maintain the best performance of electronic devices, it is important to have an in-depth knowledge about the characteristics of PCBs and the requirements of the devices. Be certain not to just concentrate on design and space availability, there’s a lot more to think about—especially temperature resistance, delivery, performance, timeliness, and more.

Regarding the importance of printed circuit boards in electronic machines, it is very important to find a reliable and professional manufacturer who is sufficiently familiar with the do and don’ts during the manufacture and installation of the items. Let’s assume a look at some of the top Estonian PCB manufacturers and learn about them in detail.

Leading PCB Manufacturers in Estonia
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    1. Brandner PCB

    Some printed circuit board manufacturers focus on providing solutions for distinct types of PCBs, while others prefer to offer a wider range of solutions. Brandner PCB belongs to the latter category, providing an all-in-one PCB solution. The manufacturer also carefully controls all your printed circuit board projects and assures you you get your money’s worth.

    Benefits of partnering with Brander PCB:

    So far, we’ve come up with some of the biggest benefits of using Brandner PCB to work on your flexible printed circuit projects. Here are some reasons why a manufacturer is worth considering:

    Commitment to excellence:

    Brandner PCB has offered PCB design and manufacturing solutions for the past four decades. The manufacturer is also at the top of its competition due to its commitment to perfection. Ideally, Brandner PCB manufactures a variety of PCBs that have been used in both the aerospace and defense industries. Brandner PCB also has an AS9100 and Nadcap-certified quality system that confirms the manufacturer’s commitment to offering quality flexible printed circuit production.

    Flexible printed circuit board design:

    A lot of effort goes into manufacturing flexible circuit boards. This includes selecting flexible printed circuit materials and flexible printed circuit connectors. Brandner PCB takes the leader here by delivering a wide range of flexible printed circuit design solutions. These solutions have but are not restricted to:

    • Support for planning-controlled disruption
    • Optimized selection of flexible printed circuit materials
    • Recommendations on “Design to Cost”.
    • Recommendations for review and testing of flexible circuit board designs.

    2. INELSO OÜ

    INELSO OÜ is dominating the Estonian PCB industry with the novel solutions that it has come up with. The company’s main objective is at the core of these solutions, specializing in imported PCBs. As a specialist in this field, INELSO OÜ imports different types of PCBs in different quantities.

    It doesn’t matter if you want a prototype of the flexible printed circuit board or to order small or medium quantities of the circuit board. Rest assured that INELSO OÜ can offer the services with ease.

    Types of PCB solutions:

    INELSO OÜ imports different types of PCBs, such as:

    • Flexible Printed Circuit Boards
    • Printed circuits with blind track and buried track
    • PCBs with particular materials include Taconic, Polyamide, Panasonic, Arlon, Nelco, Kepton, and Rogers.
    • Aluminum PCBs
    • Simple printed circuit boards
    • Complex circuit boards

    Flexible printed circuit solutions:

    These are some of the explanations or services that INELSO OÜ offers to its flexible printed circuit customers:

    Component Sourcing:

    INELSO OÜ has an extensive list of circuit board suppliers in Estonia and different countries. Therefore, it would be easier for the manufacturer to source or order the flexible printed circuit materials for designing their flexible circuit board.

    Circuit board test:

    As a company interested in customer satisfaction, INELSO OÜ does everything possible to keep customers happy. One of the ways it does this is by checking flexible printed circuits (and any other type of circuit board) visually and electronically before shipment.

    Multiple production capacities:

    INELSO OÜ also does a great job of offering you a wide range of choices to select from when it comes to flexible printed circuit board production. You can pick between small and mass production levels with these production abilities.

    3. Kamitra

    Kamitra is a renowned Estonian printed circuit board manufacturer. The company is popular for providing developed technology and engineering resolutions. These services are delivered to the electronics industry. In addition, Kamitra handles most of the circuit board production process and provides professional advice to customers when needed. For example, the company takes note of customers’ expectations of PCBs and considers them when it engages in mass production of the circuit boards.

    Why you should choose Kamitra:

    Kamitra has many services to offer you when it comes to providing printed circuit board services. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your printed circuit board project to the manufacturer:

    Single management:

    Kamitra is committed to meeting the needs of its customers. The manufacturer places great importance on providing the best customer experience. This is updated through the unique management of the flexible printed circuit project.

    Increased Product Reliability:

    Kamitra prefers to work with the best flexible printed circuit board material. The company also has connections with some of the best part suppliers. The idea is to use only the best printed circuit board materials, which would greatly increase the reliability of circuit board designs.

    Short Hours:

    Kamitra wants you to have your flexible printed circuit finished in the shortest possible time. The manufacturer uses a faster lead time to develop the circuit boards without compromising the grade of the designs.

    A broad range of services to select from:

    Kamitra also offers a wide range of circuit board production services. These services include:

    • Mechanical designs include flex and rigid PCBs, box build ASSEMBLIES, jigs, and testers.
    • The electronic design includes board layout (rigid and flex PCBs), interconnect diagram (ICD), concept and block diagram, power integrity, and schematic.
    • Operational support
    • New Product Introduction (NPI) Assistance
    • Testability solutions
    • Thermal analysis
    • Redesign and reverse engineering
    • Product relocation
    • DFMA report
    • Product Documentation

    4. RD Electronic

    RD Electronic AS is an international contract manufacturer and system supplier for the electronic industry, founded in 1993. RD Electronic positions itself as a reliable partner in the world of electronics. The high level of employee knowledge, quality assurance, and material flow management, as well as many years of experience in electronics manufacturing for different spheres of life helped the company to succeed in the market. The enterprise is certified following international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

    Standard services

    • printed circuit boards design and manufacturing;
    • various types of automated and manual assembly of electronic blocks;
    • medical products manufacturing;
    • the quality control of the assemblies is carried out on automated optical line OPTICHECK, ERSA station, and special units.

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