Leading PCB Manufacturer in Brazil

Here is a list of leading PCB manufacturers in Brazil. PCB manufacturers in Brazil offer PCB fabrication and turnkey PCB assembly services.
Leading PCB Manufacturer in Brazil

Printed circuit board manufacturing and PCB assembly services are complicated and require years of experience and proper training. Be it designing printed circuit board prototypes or defect-free mass production of PCBs or PCB Assembly Services (PCBA). Not every PCB manufacturing company can be trusted. With so many PCB manufacturing companies in Brazil, choosing the best is difficult. A lot is going around about printed circuit boards, but the decision to choose a suitable PCB is not as easy as it seems. Although electronic manufacturers have an extensive range of choices, they are still quite concerned about versions and configurations because not every circuit board can achieve the desired results.

PCB assembly, from prototype to large-scale PCB assembly, is not easy. It requires years of experience and expertise. Accuracy is a complex task to do with zero defects. Not every PCB assembly services company can be trusted or reliable. OEMs or even agreement manufacturers cannot afford any margin of mistake as even the slightest mistake can cost both companies dearly. We have been a supplier to PCB manufacturers, the PCB assembly industry, and electronic companies for many years. With our knowledge, we offer this list of top printed circuit board manufacturers in Brazil.

A list of PCB fabrication and assembly manufacturers in Brazil

1. ART-CI Ltda

ART-CI Ltda is located in São Paulo – SP, Brazil. The company has its own state-of-the-art factory in Brazil. The company offers PCB prototypes, custom PCB design and manufacturing, advanced PCB manufacturing, SMD stencil, and PCB assembly services. ART-CI Ltda is a one-stop destination for the manufacturing and assembly of boards. He is an expert in SMT PCB assembly. Their high-speed pick-and-place machines can handle up to 28,000 SMD components per hour. All of their PCB processes are fully RoHS compliant.

The company is a leading PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturer specializing in rapid PCB prototyping, small to medium volume PCB manufacturing, and PCB assembly services. Surface mount technology (SMT) and through-hole technology (THT) are the two most popular and widely used forms of assembling printed circuit boards (PCBs). ART-CI Ltda understands this and that is why the company continuously invests in developing its PCB assembly solutions. In this way, the corporation can provide clients with the best PCB assembly solutions they need. Parallel manufacturing lines for PCB assembly allow for high-volume production, rapid prototyping, and parallel production.

Services and products offered by this company:

Website: http://www.artci.com.br/index.php

Address: Av. Custódio de Sá e Faria, 121 – Vila Renato (Zona Leste), São Paulo – SP, 03978-610, Brazil

2. Circuibras

Circuibras company was established in 1985 in Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil and is a well-established electronic manufacturing services company. It specializes in PCB fabrication, manufacturing and assembly. While the headquarters is located in Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil. The company has a skilled workforce, advanced technologies, and advanced machines to assemble, fabricate, and manufacture double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards. Additionally, the company also deals in sourcing printed circuit board components. Circuibras is a volume manufacturer and exporter of high quality and reliable PCBs including complex high count multilayer printed circuit boards in small lot sizes and short lead times.

The company offers full-turn and part-turn PCB manufacturing and assembly services. For a complete turnkey, it handles the entire process – manufacturing printed circuit boards, procurement of electronic components, monitoring and tracking and final assembly. For a partial turnkey, the customer can provide PCBs and some components, and Circuibras will handle the rest.

Services and products offered by this company:

  • FR4 – Lead-Free Compatible
  • FR4 – Halogen Free
  • 1 to 2 layers
  • 3 to 4 layers
  • Full PCB manufacturing
  • Prototype
  • Volume PCB assembly services
  • Prompt response service
  • Top delivery times
  • Large support team

Website: https://www.circuibras.com.br/

Address: AV. DAS ARAUCÁRIAS, 4.455 THOMAZ COELHO – ARAUCÁRIA PARANÁ – BRASIL CEP – 83707-065 Brazil, Paraná, Curitiba

3. Lauquen Circuitos Impresos Ltda

Lauquen Circuitos Impresos Ltda is one of the popular and highly trusted electronic manufacturing companies in São Paulo, Pilar do Sul, Brazil. The company is primarily located in Pilar Do Sul and offers its customers excellent professional services and a variety of electronic production and assembly services for the use of electronic products. It offers printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly services along with fabrication and P.C.B. Prototyping – Modified as per customer demands. The range of professional industries where and whose products may be suitable for Lauquen Circuitos Impresos Ltda printed circuit board and PCBA assembly include top locations.

They specialize in all types of small and medium production runs with the fastest lead times and no minimum order limits. They offer their services in the field of FR4 150 Tg, High Tg (180 Tg) laminates and prepregs, and other essentials. Lauquen Circuitos Impressos Ltda has experience and expertise in all three types of assembly SMT, PTH, and a combination of both SMT and PTH. Lauquen Circuitos Impresos Ltda With full turnkey, PCB, and PCB assembly capability, you can go from concept to product in just a few easy steps by visiting their official website.

Services and products offered by this company:

  • Full PCB Assembly
  • Rogers PCB
  • Flexible-rigid PCB
  • High-frequency circuit boards.
  • HDI boards
  • Flexible PCB boards

Website: http://www.lauquen.com.br/pt-br/home

Address: Av. Antonio Lacerda, 955-S Zona Industrial – Pilar do Sul/SP CEP 18.185-000 Brasil

4. Micropress

Brazilian PCB manufacturers are well aware of the fact that printed circuit boards are more than just holding components. As they play an important role in electronic designs, Micropress takes it as its responsibility to help customers with the best possible solution in the form of affordable PCB prototypes. Today, manufacturers have 3 types of PCBs with different dimensions – flex-rigid, flexible and bendable PCB boards.

What makes Micropress a good choice is its product’s ability to fit into a small casing that every other printed circuit board assembly simply cannot. In addition, customers, particularly from the pharmaceutical, aerospace and automotive industries, can expect weight reduction, higher quality signals and cheaper printed circuit board manufacturing.

Services and products offered by this company:

Website: https://www.micropress.com.br/

Address: R. Angaturama, 51 – Vila Moraes São Paulo – SP 04164-010, Brazil

5. Montecnica

Montecnica – Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards

Montecnica Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is committed to meeting the needs of its customers through the continuous improvement of the quality of products, and processes, and compliance with the requirements of the Management and regulatory system.

To be the best partnership solution for supplying printed circuit boards through continuous evolution in the product, process, and service technology.


  • Audio
  • Automotive
  • Safety
  • Hospital
  • Energy
  • White Line
  • Telecommunications

Printed Circuit Board Products

  • FR-4 PCB
  • RF-1 PCB
  • Single Layer PCB
  • Double Sided PCB
  • Metal Core PCB(MCPCB)
  • Aluminum PCB
  • Multilayer PCB

Website: https://www.montecnica.ind.br/

Address: Rua Padre Bento, 940 (Galpão 1200) – Industrial District / Lago Park – Zip Code: 13326-400 – SALTO / SP Brazil

6. Tec-ci Printed Circuits

Tec-ci is present in the printed circuit board manufacturing market since 1988, always working with seriousness, and honesty and meeting the needs and particularities of our customers.

Tec-ci manufacture conventional (single-sided PCB), professional (double-sided with metallized holes) and aluminum (metal core – MCPCB) printed boards.

Website: https://tec-ci.com.br/

Address: Rua Francisco Marengo, 81 Tatuapé

São Paulo – SP – CEP 03313-000

7. Tecnel Eletrônica

Tecnel is one of the market leaders in the manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards in Brazil. Tecnel Eletrônica has more than 25 years of experience in producing superior printed circuit boards, always pursuing the best in printed technology and printed circuit products: single-sided PCB, Double-sided PCB, and multilayer PCB.

Tecnel, in constant updating, seeks to invest in technologies that can meet the demands of the electronic market, ensuring greater control of the process. It therefore has a chemical laboratory designed to perform analysis and in-depth study of the requirements in manufacturing printed circuit boards.

The circuit boards produced by Tecnel Eletrônica are developed according to the specific standards of each client. In addition, follow the IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) standards that regulate the PCI manufacturing process. All raw materials used by Tecnel are UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and RoHS certified.

Website: https://tecneleletronica.com.br/

Address: Iguape Street, 102 Jd. Três Marias Taboão da Serra – SP

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