Top 3 PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Norway

Here is a list of the top PCB assembly manufacturers and fabrication companies in Norway. We have listed basic information about each company, including their business scope and strengths.
PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Norway

Electronic components as an export touched fresh highs with a growth of nearly 20 percent last year. A shortage of qualified electronics workers and skilled engineers contributed to the growing trend. Therefore, the urgent need for a specialist assembly service that can provide high-quality manufacturing is currently at its peak in Norway. Despite the growing demand for electronic components, equipment suppliers in Norway have a high level of expertise and efficiency, which is why the country can be ranked as one of the top PCB assembly houses in Norway.

The success of the electronics industry depends on its ability to harness, process, and exploit increasingly complex electromagnetic energy sources. This includes applying advanced mathematical methods and developing advanced medical, security, and telecommunications applications. In other words, the electronics sector that manufactures these components every day is an indispensable part of the national economy.

Here is a list of the top PCB assembly manufacturers and fabrication companies in Norway. We have listed basic information about each company, including their business scope and strengths.

1. Elmatica

Elmatica is a Norwegian company that supplies industrial electronic products to the world market. The company was founded in Oslo, Norway, and has been producing integrated circuits and electronic assemblies since its inception.

Products Offered by Elmatica:

Elmatica offers a wide range of products used in applications. The company manufactures various transistors for various applications in integrated circuits. In addition, the company also produces the business model promoted by Elmatica includes automated production skills. The company’s factories have metal-reinforced plastic injection molding appliances.

Materials: Elmatica uses a variety of materials to make its products. Its most popular material is FR4, then laminated with copper to create the layers.

Board thickness: Elmatica manufactures PCB boards with thicknesses ranging from 0.031 to 0.125 inches.

Layers: Elmatica uses a broad range of coatings in the PCB board production procedure. The company has two separate production skills equipped with mechanical and manual SMT machines.

PCB board: Elmatica manufactures its PCB boards in two separate ways. The company has a fully automated surface mount technology machine and uses manual surface mount technology (SMT). The company uses a coating of epoxy electrical insulating glass (EIG) and FR4 over copper with organic tin compounds in the production process. Manufactured PCB boards range in thickness from 0.040 to 0.125 inches and are color coded for easy identification.


Add: Grensen 12, N-0159 Oslo Norway

2. Elprint Norge AS

Elprint was established in 1973 in Bergen by CEO Helge Nilsen, who has continuously developed the company as a manufacturer of short-run, fast-supply PCBs and associated products. Elprint Norge AS is a PCB supplier based in Norway. The company is one of 35 PCB producers based in Europe and started operations in 1973. Elprint Norge AS has four manufacturing plants in Norway equipped with fully automated SMT machines.

The products Offered by Elprint:

Elprint Norge AS provides a wide range of products that we can use for various applications. Regarding integrated circuits, the company produces different types of transistors and other components used to produce different electronic structures.

Elprint Norge AS focuses on PCB boards with a thickness between 0.025 and 0.25 inches, used in various applications such as industrial supplies and medical devices. In addition to its printed circuit board products, the company also offers SMT and board-level testing services.

Elprint Norge AS delivers printed circuit boards with up to 14 layers in the production procedure. The company has a broad range of facilities in Norway equipped with fully automated SMT machines for surface mount technology. Regarding the production process, the company places a material such as FR4 on a copper base plate with organic tin compounds.

Material: Elprint Norge AS uses different materials when producing its PCB boards. For instance, it utilizes FR4 as the base material for its printed circuit boards. However, the company also uses different materials for different applications.

Elprint Norge AS uses various materials that depend on the application used in the production process.

Tolerances: Elprint Norge AS has a very strict tolerance level for its PCB boards and products. The company’s standard tolerance level is 0.003mm, which makes its products very precise. In addition, the thickness of the board and the layers are adhered to very strict tolerances by the company.


Add: Wernersholmvei 315232 Paradis, Norway


Kitron has its origin from the companies Statronic and Electric Bureau, both of which were established in the 1960s in Arendal, Norway.

Kitron is a leading Scandinavian Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company, delivering improved flexibility, cost efficiency, and innovation power through the value chain.

Kitron was established in the early 1960s in Arendal, Norway. Kitron’s head office is now in Asker, Norway.

The company has operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, China and the United States.

With about 2800 highly skilled employees, Kitron manufactures and delivers anything from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products for customers globally.

As one of Scandinavia’s leading EMS suppliers, Kitron provides various services in the manufacturing, assembling, and testing of electronic products for the professional market.

Core Areas of expertise: Electronics, microelectronics, testing, assembly and system testing, Radio Frequency (RF), system integration, repairs and upgrades.

Core technologies: Surface-mounted technologies (SMT), through-hole assembly, Automated Pressfit, automated optical inspection (AOI), 3D X-ray, clean rooms, wave, and selective soldering, cleaning and coating process for PCBs, and Potting & Curing, Hi-Pot, together with FCT, ICT, Burn-In, vibration and environmental testing.


Add: P O Box 97, NO-1375 Billingstad, Norway

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