PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Hungary

Manufacturing and assembling printed circuit boards may be a very technical process. Here is a list of PCB assembly manufacturers in Hungary.
PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Hungary

Manufacturing and assemblying printed circuit boards may be a very technical process. Every aspect of the manufacturing process has to be accurate and effective. Specialist techniques and machinery are wont to create PCBs that are precisely what the customer needs. There will be no space for mistakes in concert mistakes that may end up within the whole PCB failing to figure out. This is often why it’s crucial that the best PCB manufacturer in Hungary for the task is found. However, it may be hard to seek out the correct manufacturer in Hungary as there are such a large amount of them around. You’d expect every manufacturer to supply the identical prime quality product as everyone else. This is often not the case to the slightest degree, as some producers of those products are far superior to others.

The need for the printed circuit Board (PCB) market looks promising because it is broadly used in various industries like communication, automotive, and computer/peripheral industries. Let’s have a glance at the most effective PCB manufacturers in Hungary:

1. Elektromont Kft.

Elektromont Kft. is a PCB manufacturer that’s dedicated to technology innovation. It believes that more opportunities are available within the printed circuit Board (PCB) industry as long as the correct technology is employed. Hence, the tenderness/commitment to technological creation is a step toward using the latest disruptive technology to produce world-class one-stop hardware for printed circuit production.

Elektromont Kft logo

Since 2000, this PCB manufacturer has played significant roles in advancing the Hungary circuit board industry, including establishing production campuses in Hungary’s different cities. Also, Elektromont Kft. has its core value of ensuring that the circuit board needs of the purchasers are met in any respect times. As a testament to the unique printed circuit manufacturing process that it delivers, Elektromont Kft. has performed over 4,000 manufacturing, Research, and Development (R&D) and repair businesses in multiple regions of the world.

Those collaborations led to the event of solid circuit boards that are employed in different industries, including:

  • Automotive electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Semiconductors
  • Rail transit
  • Industrial control
  • Computers and peripherals and
  • Medical electronics

With its footprints within the Hungary PCB market, Elektromont Kft. Soon expanded its services to many nations throughout the world. Now, the manufacturer has over 30 buyer assistance camps in Hungary and other countries just as the UK and also the United States of America.

2. Eurocircuits Kft

You will be lucky to search for a PCB manufacturer that’s committed to the success of your electronic products. Eurocircuits Kft is one of all such manufacturers. This Company is founded in Eger, Hungary, this manufacturer features a printed circuit Board (PCB) factory that’s situated on an oversized expanse of land, measuring up to three-million-meter square.

Eurocircuits Kft Logo

With over 4,500 employees, you rest assured that your board designs will be handled with the greatest accuracy and care that it earns. They produce prototype and little batch boards in their specialist factories in Germany and Hungary. As an additional service to their buyers, they manufacture medium volumes from their wholly owned factory in India. Founded in Belgium in 1991, today they employ around 200 people in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, and India, plus sales companies in France, Germany, and Switzerland, and sales offices in Italy and UK. They currently produce almost 100,000 100,000 orders per year for almost 20,000 users and over 10,000 active customers.

Also, Eurocircuits Kft is famous for its mantra and commitment to providing high-quality printed circuit Boards (PCBs) to its consumers. The primary beneficiaries of this manufacturer’s generous PCB manufacturing capabilities are:

3. HITELAP International Inc

HITELAP Inc. is the largest Hungarian-owned company producing printed circuit Boards, located in former “Hungarian electronics capital” Budapest, and it’s been in the marketplace for 23 years. HITELAP Inc. was established in 1989 to supply mainly individual, small and medium-large series of printed circuits for the requirements of different professional electronics. Since 2012 next to their usual production of prototypes, small and middle series, they can fulfil the requirements for production yet.

HITELAP International Inc logo

HITELAP Inc. isn’t your regular reasonably PCB manufacturer that just takes orders for computer circuit Boards (PCBs) and manufactures identical. Instead, this printed circuit designer has continually evolved and brought new trends into its printed circuit design capabilities.

Founded in Pest Megye, Budapest, Hungary, HITELAP Inc. has extended its services to different locations in Pest Megye, Hungary, within the last three decades and established subsidiaries in Budapest, Hungary. This PCB manufacturer has also cited European Research and Development (R&D) sites as a part of their commitment to being a step ahead within the PCB manufacturing industry. A number of its approaches to its end include:

  • Forming a 3-in-1 card design process that features electronics assembly, printed circuit Board (PCB) design, and substrate packaging.
  • Establishing a complete board value chain, including micro-assembly of circuit boards, scheme design, electronics assembly, printed circuit testing, and printed circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing.

4. Secutron ltd.

Secutron ltd., established in 1996, is one of Hungary’s essential electronic manufacturing service providers. The company provides customers with a full range of parts procurement, PCB manufacturing, and electronics assembly services.

PCB manufacturing service by Secutron ltd.:

  • 1-16 layers
  • from 1-2pcs.prototyping to series manufacturing
  • Top quality
  • Express service
  • Satisfying special needs

PCB assembly service by Secutron ltd.:

  • Down to SMD 0402 packaging
  • Professional SMD pick-and-place machines
  • Manufacturing of solder paste stencils
  • Component mounting using automated and manual method
  • multiple reflow ovens
  • THT mounting with multi-decade experience
  • Wave soldering
  • Lead-free technology is available as well

5. Intretech

Intretech was founded in May 2011, with over 30 subsidiaries globally. Intretech now employs more than 6000 staff members, including over 1000 highly-qualified engineers and managers, equipped with enterprise technology centers, research labs, and robotic research centers.

With its advanced technology, intelligent manufacturing capabilities, strict quality control, supplier network, and management systems, Intretech offers services from product R&D to mass production, with high levels of innovation, reliability, and consistency for global enterprises as well as up-and-coming startups.

In 2017, Intretech Hungary Kft. was established as a subsidiary of Intretech – the first European manufacturing base for Intretech, fully equipped with the latest SMT lines, auto-assembly lines, laboratories, and test equipment.

PCB manufacturing and assembly  capabilities:

  • Chip placement capacity: 191,000 CPH
  • Chip placement capabilities:
  • Min Chip 01005
  • Min IC pitch 0.3 (QFP, QFN, BGA)
  • PCB Panel sizes: 50x50mm to 500x570mm

6. Sanmina-SCI Hungary KFT.

Sanmina provides customers with decades of leadership and experience in advanced PCB assembly technology, with proven processes and a full range of services. From prototyping, low volume high mix to high volume global manufacturing, Sanmina provide printed circuit board assembly services in facilities across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Sanmina is a recognized leader in PCBA and SMT production and develops solutions for our customers using the latest in PCB assembly and surface mount technology. Capabilities include support for:

01005 components, fine pitch, and high count BGAs, Package on Package (POP), Chip on Board, fiber optics, RF microelectronics, press fit connectors

Hybrid processes (tin-lead and lead-free), pin through hole, wave & selective soldering, double and single-sided reflow, wide body and backplanes

Quick turn prototype assembly, RoHS compliance certification, conformal & parylene coating, laser marking

Inspection and testing using the latest SPI, AOI, Flying probe, and X-Ray equipment

Comprehensive electrical testing and test system development for boundary scan, in-circuit test (ICT), functional test, and burn-in test (BIT).

7. Tommy Invest Electronic Llc.

Tommy Invest Electronic Llc. (Ti-Electronic), established in 1992, it is an important CEM/EMS manufacturer in Central Europe. With 20 years of experience in PCB assembly technology, it is capable of custom products in small or large quantities.


Main products and services:

  • Installation of electronic plates
  • Precision engineering installation
  • Production of magnetic heads
  • Production of inductive elements
  • Nanocrystal and ferrite technologies
  • Lighting technology

PCB Assembly is one of TI Electronic Llc’s primary activities. We can undertake a high-quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly at favorable prices and under flexible conditions. Within PCB Assembly, we utilize most of the assembly technologies: Thru-Hole axial, radial assembly, manual assembly, SMT assembly (01005-45mm x 45mm, BGA, uBGA), Reflow, and Dispense technologies.


Electronic manufacturing services companies are located worldwide, making it especially difficult to select the right, suitable, top-tier PCB assembly manufacturer. If you are in Europe, like Hungary, you can choose the local PCB assembly manufacturers we have listed above for various reasons. But for other reasons, local PCB assembly manufacturers may not be your first choice, such as price, service quality, efficiency, etc., which may make you choose PCB assembly manufacturers in China. JHYPCB is a China-based contract electronics manufacturing service provider providing one-stop PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly. Up to now, we have provided efficient PCB prototyping, prototype PCB assembly services, and low-volume to high-volume PCB manufacturing and assembly services to customers worldwide. To request a quotation for electronic manufacturing, please send your requirements to sales@pcbjhy.com immediately, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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