PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Finland

Finding a PCB manufacturer could sway be a time-consuming and risky task. With our experience, we present this List of Top PCB Manufacturers in Finland.
PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Finland

Finding a PCB manufacturer could sway be a time-consuming and risky task. An internet search returns many search results with no easy thanks to comparing the varied PCB companies and their capabilities. The great news is that we’ve done plenty of research and analysis for you. PCB Manufacturing may be a complex job, from Prototype to Large Scale Defect-Free Production and PCB Assembly Services. Not every PCB Manufacturer Company may be reliable. With many Best PCB Manufacturing Companies in Finland, selecting one is tricky. We have been within the field of Electronics PCB Assembly Industry for the past many years, and with our experience, we present this List of Top PCB Manufacturers in Finland.

1. Aspocomp

Aspocomp has many years of experience within the industry. Based in Finland, Tutkijantie ensures that every printed circuit board they create is tested and inspected before it’s sent to the customer. This implies that they can guarantee their customers that each PCB works well. Additionally, to the current, Aspocomp can manufacture PCBs without the customer needing a contract, a non-recurring engineering review, and a minimum specification. With a comparatively easy ordering process, it’s easy for the customer to place an order should a fast turnaround be required.

Manufacturing printed circuit boards for the automotive, military, medical, and aerospace industries, Aspocomp has low minimums and is understood because Finland’s leading manufacturer of quality printed circuit boards. This can be because of their consistently high standards and the sheer quality of the proudly manufactured circuit boards. If you’re searching for a PCB manufacturer that you simply can depend upon, it’s well worth considering Aspocomp.

PCB Services Provided by Aspocomp:

Their list of printed circuit board outcomes includes:

2. Cadmic

Cadmic is one PCB manufacturer that works hand-in-hand with multi-PCB consumers until all their needs are met. We are sure that this is often what you’ve been searching for because once you have the eye of your board designer, the complete job becomes more accessible. You’ll trust Cadmic to try to do an excellent job for your card design because this manufacturer is committed to providing you (and all its customers) with efficient service and high-quality PCBs. Thereupon being said – here are a number of the numerous areas that Cadmic is interested in manufacturing circuit boards for you. Their prime quality, reliable and economical printed circuit Boards and Assemblies are utilized in industries like Communications, Medical Equipment, Industrial, Aerospace, Computers, Automotive, Power, and Instrumental Industries. This company is a Professional printed circuit board Manufacturer offering Custom PCB manufacturing, assembly, fabrication, and PCB Prototyping as per customer requirements.

Telecommunication has grown from 2G to 3G. We’ve also seen the fourth stage of technological (4G) innovation. Now’s the time to harness the opportunities within the fifth generation of technological advancements. Cadmic is happy to be an element of those innovations, even as it’s committed to contributing its quota towards the rapid development of the telecommunication industry.

PCB Services Provided by Cadmic:

They provide many types of PCB Services like:

3. Lnafin

Lnafin is located in Helsinki, Finland. The corporate has three branches: Quick Turn PCB Prototypes Manufacturing, Small and Medium-Volume printed circuit Board, and FPC Manufacturing services. They concentrate on High Multilayer printed circuit boards, High-Density boards, and Special printed circuit board Material printed circuit Boards. Lnafin also provides PCB Assembly services for both Through-Hole and Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Their abilities include manufacturing printed circuit boards of 1-40 Coats with Board Material. They will supply your requirement or design, slight volume prototypes, and average or high-volume production – all within your budget.

The Company offers complete turn-key and partial turn-key printed circuit board Manufacturing and Assembly Services. For complete turn-key, it handles the whole process – Manufacturing the printed circuit Boards, Procure Electronic Components, Monitoring and Tracking, and Final Assembly. For partial turn-key, the customer can provide the PCBs and certain components; therefore, the remaining parts will be handled by Lnafin.

The Company’s Capabilities include:

  • Rigid PCB (1~38 layers)
  • Flexible and Rigid-flex PCB (2~16 layers)
  • High-Density Interconnection / HDI PCB (4~16 layers)
  • Aluminum-Based PCB / Metal Core PCB
  • PCB Assembly and Component Sourcing
  • Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Polyimide, etc.

4. Prinel Piirilevy Oy

Prinel Piirilevy Oy is a full-service PCB Prototype and Assembly Service provider that covers all PCB requirements, including custom prototypes and mass value fabrication. With over ten years of experience, Prinel Piirilevy Oy is a Leading PCB and PCB Assembly Manufacturer in Finland. Panel Piirilevy Oy offers its services to Companies related to the Military, Aerospace, Medicine, Commercial, Industrial, Automotive, University, School, and Amateur sectors.

Prinel Piirilevy Oy offers a One-stop Solution for all your PCB needs – from prototyping to PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly. Their vast experience, experienced engineers and employees, and state-of-art machines always meet and even exceed their client’s expectations.

Following are the key points to think about Prinel Piirilevy Oy:

  • High-Quality PCB Laminate uses Fr-4, Rogers, and Aluminum.
  • Fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 quality.
  • Guaranteed On-time Shipping
  • Reasonable Competitive Price

5. Ultraprint Oy

Ultraprint Oy is found in Kempele, Finland. It’s Finland’s one of the biggest national high-tech PCB manufacturing companies. Its Products and services include – 2–14-layer PCB Prototype, HDI PCB, Multilayer PCB, Thick Copper PCB, High-Frequency PCB, LED Aluminum PCB, Metal Core MCPCB, and Flexible PCB. The corporate offers reliable PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services at Competitive and Reasonable prices.

The Company specializes in prime quality and cheap PCB Prototype Production, PCB Assembly, and SMT Stencil Services. The corporate target is the Manufacturing and Assembly of normally printed circuit boards, Advanced PCBs, and HDI PCBs. Its products are widely utilized in radio communication systems, processers, industrial controllers, power electronics, domestic appliances, automobiles, medical kits, safety electronics, aerospace, and other high-tech fields.


JHYPCB is a leading company in China that can provide one-stop PCB prototyping, PCB manufacturing, and PCB assembly. Serving customers all over the world, JHYPCB is your trusted electronic manufacturing service partner.

JHYPCB cares about the quality of the circuit boards and focuses more on making the PCB manufacturing and assembly process faster.

The PCB manufacturing services provided by JHYPCB include:

  • Rapid PCB Prototyping
  • High Tg PCB
  • Multilayer PCB
  • Rigid-flex PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • FR4 PCB
  • Rogers PCB

The PCB assembly services provided by JHYPCB include:

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