PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Czech

This is a list of PCB assembly manufacturer in Czech. It can help you narrow down your choice of PCB assembly companies, and it can also help you reduce the difficulty of choosing a PCB assembler.
PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Czech

A printed circuit Board or PCB is employed to attach electrical components using tracks rather than wires. to repair the electronic components in position, holes are drilled on the board. They’re then soldered and are connected through copper tracks forming a circuit. The board and, therefore the components together are called a PCB Assembly. Generally, PCBs are accustomed electrically connecting the components and supplying a base on which the complete system will be integrated. To pass current to the right components, PCB uses extremely thin copper tracks. These thin copper tracks are threaded across a substrate, sometimes a skinny sheet of phenolic resin-infused paper or an epoxy resin-infused fiberglass mat.

Manufacturing printed circuit boards is a very procedural procedure. Every feature of the manufacturing procedure must be correct and effective. Specialist techniques and machinery are accustomed create PCBs that are precisely what the customer needs. There may be no room for error in concert mistakes that may result within the whole PCB failing to figure. This can be why it’s crucial that the most effective PCB manufacturer for the task is found.

However, it is hard to search out the proper manufacturer as there are a lot of them around. You’d expect every manufacturer to supply the identical prime quality product as everyone else. This is often not the case to the slightest degree, as some producers of those products are far superior to others. Let’s have a glance at the best PCB manufacturers in Czech:

1. JabloPCB s.r.o.

JabloPCB s. ro. could be a privately held company with aggressive growth goals and techniques. They were established as a company of Jablotron in 2005. They need a few years experiences in manufacturing top quality printed circuit boards and related products. They need well-established workforce who are committed to meeting prime quality. With quite 15 years of combined experience and knowledge, JabloPCB s.r.o. relies on the European nations and is proud to supply the state of the skill full PCBs. Presenting prototypes, fabrication, and assembly of PCBs, this company also offers you the opportunity to fulfill all of your PCB requirements.

With the power to supply printed circuit boards for the medical, aerospace, telecommunication, renewable energy, defense/military, and industrial industries, you’ll be able to have the printed circuit boards you wish. JabloPCB s.r.o. continually works to create sure that its quality standards are improved. This ensures that they’ll offer all of their customers high precision. They flatter themselves on maintaining their buyer base yearly with rigorous quality assurance procedures.

Finding the most effective PCB manufacturer for your needs isn’t consistently that comfortable. However, the above-printed circuit board factories are some of the simplest in the country. If you would want some printed circuit boards made to a really high standard, these are the businesses you wish to contemplate with the power to supply you with what you’re trying to find. Your new PCB manufacturer will be found above. Don’t be frightened to send your Gerber files to them so that they can provide you with an estimate.

Products Offered by JabloPCB s.r.o.

2. Gatema PCB a.s.

Reliable supplier for the quality prototype PCB production. Even within insane deadlines, they deliver what you expect. That’s exactly why they need proudly earn a reputation of being one of the fastest suppliers of prototype printed circuit boards within the EU. Established in 1992, the corporate is a reputable player in electronic products’ electronic assembly and manufacturing. It focuses on the designing and manufacturing of printed circuit boards. The corporate also proves certified and has a superior capacity to develop and produce quality P.C.B.s and solutions. It’s located in Czechia, a European country.

Located in Czechia, Boskovice, European nation Gatema PCB a.s. offers its buyers one sided and double-sided printed circuit boards and one and a pair of layer PCBs. Multi-layer boards are a product that Gatema PCB a.s. Offers. Whether you want four or 16 layers, they will facilitate yours. There are flexible boards, rigid flexible boards, and metal boards on offer to potential customers. Other options are available similarly, showing that Gatema PCB a.s. is a serious PCB manufacturer.

Considered a PCB total solution provider, this company provides competitively priced, high-quality circuit boards to customers worldwide. If you’d like some printed circuit boards that are pretty complex or have multiple layers, Gatema PCB a.s. is well worth considering.

Products Offered by Gatema PCB a.s.

3. Elceram A.S.

ELCERAM A.S. is predicated within the European nation. The corporate offer full-fledged PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services for Through-Hole and SMT. Established in 1994, the highly-rated electronic manufacturer and assembler cater to diverse electronic printed circuit board products and merchandise solutions. The corporate comes certified and focuses on the design, production, and mounting of P.C.B.s. The corporate specializes in the Manufacturing and Assembly of standard PCBs, Advanced PCBs and HDI PCBs. Specializing in the full-range fabrication and high-quality assembly, potential customers can make the foremost of their component services, should they want to.

What this essentially suggests is that you can just purchase printed circuit board parts from many leading distributors. This will be useful to the customer because it could enable them to receive high-quality PCBs at a cheaper price. Also offering rapid PCB prototyping, every PCB is formed to confirm that it meets differing standards. Elceram A.S. continually works to form sure that its quality standards are improved. This ensures that they’ll offer all of their customers a high level of precision. They pride themselves on retaining their customer base per annum with rigorous quality assurance procedures.

Products offered by Elceram A.S.

  • High power modules and components
  • Ceramic substrates
  • Pressed ceramics
  • Ceramic sensors
  • Ceramic PCBs
  • Multilayer PCB
  • Rigid and Rigid-flex circuit boards
  • High density interconnect (HDI) PCBs

4. EverMAX s.r.o. (Ltd.)

EVERMAX s.r.o. is a Czech company in Prague, established in 2005. Its services include manufacturing electronics, mounting SMD components, and developing electronics.


Founded in 2009, LAMBERT ELECTRONIC s.r.o. is a company providing electronics manufacturing services located in the Czech Republic.

The company’s complete electronics manufacturing services include development and design, PCB fabrication, component purchase, automated assembly, reflow soldering, manual THT mounting, manual soldering, ultrasonic cleaning of PCBs, testing, and final assembly.

LAMBERT ELECTRONIC s.r.o. is ISO9001:2009 certified and has produced and delivered 80,000-200,000 assembled PCBs of European quality to customers.

LAMBERT ELECTRONIC s.r.o. assembly capabilities include:

6. MARPOS s r.o.

Czech company MARPOS s r.o. has been in the market since 1993 and specializes in developing, producing, and assembling PCBs using THT and SMT technology. During the twenty years in which MARPOS s r.o. has been active, MARPOS s r.o. has become the leading company in the field above in the Czech Republic. However, MARPOS s r.o. is also penetrating the markets of other EU states and has, in recent years, gained experience in the Canadian market.

MARPOS s r.o. has been engaged in turnkey PCB assembly services since 2005: printed circuit board production, component supply, PCB assembly, quality control, and product assembly.

Main Services by MARPOS s r.o.:

  • Development of electronic equipment
  • Manufacturing printed circuit board
  • Assembling printed circuit board
  • Custom manufacturing of electronics


This PCB Assembly Manufacturers Directory lists reputed PCB assembly companies in the Czech Republic. This can help you narrow down your choice of PCB assembly companies, and it can also help you reduce the difficulty of choosing a PCB assembler. In this directory of PCB assembly companies in the Czech Republic, we provide basic information about each company, including their main business areas, their production capabilities and advantages, etc.

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