PCB Assembly Manufacturer in Belgium

Does anyone know of some of the most straightforward cheap PCB manufacturers in Belgium that can offer PCB fabrication and assembly services? Here, you'll determine the highest PCB manufacturers in Belgium.
PCB Assembly Manufacturer in Belgium

You have heard about printed circuit Boards (PCBs) for several months, but you’re undecided if it’s the most effective choice. As an electronics manufacturer, you’ve got a good range of options to form as far because the manufacturing of electronic devices is anxious. Printed circuit Boards (PCBs) are one of the primary considerations you have to form for the beautiful design of your electronic products.

Now that you simply understand the importance of PCBs and are willing to use one, how does one activate it? Does one know of some of the most straightforward cheap PCB manufacturers in Belgium that may design the kind of board you wish to create your electronic products efficiently?

Here, you’ll determine the highest PCB manufacturers in Belgium that are within the business of producing the most effective circuit boards for all of your electronic needs. Little doubt – the worth these companies are bringing to the table will make your electronic products outstanding and be bought over that of your competitors.

A list of the leading PCB Assembly companies in Belgium.

1: Group SSL Europe

GROUP SSL EUROPE company based in Belgium provides solutions for electronic businesses. Their product range includes all kinds of printed circuit boards, metal housings or metals or cables, and cable harnesses. They’ll be your ideal partner if you’re pondering outsourcing your manufacturing, progressing to redirect your supply chain, or searching for low-cost solutions. This Company strives to supply the most effective services to its customers, providing them with solutions adapted to their budget and desires. Its goal is to exceed its buyer’s expectations with comprehensive service. The corporate team has quite 30 years of experience in providing low-cost, high-quality, and stable production solutions.

For a PCB manufacturer like this one, it’s now not business as was expected. Now no time to attend and no more spending extra money than you budgeted. Instead, you’ll be able to directly seize the chance they present to urge your custom circuit boards designed in real-time. Furthermore, you may just like the premium this PCB manufacturer places on helping you meet your customers’ needs the least bit.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) aren’t the only products manufactured by GROUP SSL EUROPE. This company encompasses many other innovative products that you will simply like.

Some of their additional products are:

  • TP & ECRM, like EC Mirror and Glass Type.
  • IC Carrier, FCCSP, CSP and FCBGA
  • Connectors, like X-Beam and PC Beam

GROUP SSL EUROPE can also design the printed circuit board you want to enhance your electronic devices’ functionalities. To that end, this PCB manufacturer offers a good range of choices to choose from as far as mass produce PCB designs are concerned. A number of the PCB types they design include:

You rest assured that regardless of the card design you would like, GROUP SSL EUROPE would go the additional mile to deliver excellently on the task. That is additionally to the manufacturer’s speed and accuracy, which play a significant role in producing durable printed circuit Boards (PCBs).


2. Dekimo

Dekimo PCB & Assembly is one every of the leading PCB manufacturers in Belgium – and therefore, the reasons for that are obvious. Not all the PCB designers out there’ll be willing to supply you with complete in-house services. But Dekimo PCB does that, and that’s why they’re outstanding. From prototyping to complete circuit board assembly, this PCB manufacturer can usually serve you. And if you wish to customize your printed circuit board, rest assured that Dekimo PCB will handle it excellently.

Before you seek a PCB manufacturer to style your board, one of the primary things you must do is run a background check on the manufacturer. When doing that, specialize in the capabilities of the PCB manufacturer to style the sort of card you would like. Dekimo PCB fits into the outline of your ideal PCB manufacturer because the corporate has Eighty-Nine percent of what it takes to satisfy your PCB needs.

Assembling printed circuit Boards (PCBs) isn’t a go into the park. Sometimes, it requires time and, therefore, the dedication of the board manufacturer to form the work easier. That’s why you wish to outsource your entire PCB assembly and manufacturing to Dekimo PCB – a tested and trusted manufacturer of circuit boards.

First, this PCB manufacturer is prepared to supply you with both the partial and the complete turnkey design of your circuit card. For the partial turnkey PCB design, you may be allowed to produce the circuit boards, as some components are needed for the look of the PCB. After that, Dekimo PCB would handle the remaining part of the task, including sourcing for other required parts and assembling your card.

On the other hand, you would like to permit Dekimo PCB to handle every aspect of your printed circuit Board (PCB) design via complete turnkey printed circuit board manufacturing.

In this circumstance, the Dekimo will:

  • Procurement of all the parts required for your printed circuit design
  • Design and manufacture the circuit boards
  • Test the 3mil computer circuit boards
  • Continually monitor the standard of the circuit boards pending the ultimate assembly.

Dekimo PCB is additionally receptive to helping you with:

3. Quad Industries

Quad Industries calls itself Belgium’s Leading PCB manufacturer. We couldn’t approve otherwise because this PCB manufacturer has always proven to warrant its claimed slogan. The commitment of this board designer is second to none. They care about the standard of your circuit boards, with additional concentration on making the PCB manufacturing process faster.

This printed circuit board manufacturer believes that the longer term is unlocked more given that there have been enough materials to facilitate the designing of circuit boards. Over the last few years, Quad Industries Tech has been in the news of the card manufacturers that combine the net of Things (IoT), 5G Technology, the net of Vehicles, and computer science to supply multiple customized solutions.

Quad Industries Tech simplifies the card manufacturing process by breaking down all the essential aspects. First, the circuit boards are designed. Second, further Research and Development (R&Ds) will be conducted before the circuit boards are manufactured. When PCBs are ready, it might be time to plug and sell them to the consumers that ordered them or electronic companies.

Their list of circuit board products includes:

  • Rigid Printed Circuit Board
  • Modular products module
  • IC board carrier
  • High-Density Connection Board (HDI)
  • The chip on film memory
  • Rigid-flex PCB


JHYPCB is located in Shenzhen, China, serving customers all over the world, including Europe (Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, UK, etc.), America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, etc.), Asia (China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.), Australia and other customers. We have passed the international certification ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standard certification, TS16949, UL, and RoHS certification. JHYPCB’s comprehensive quality control and quality management system is a solid guarantee to support customer satisfaction.

JHYPCB’s PCB manufacturing capabilities:

  • Multilayer up to 64 layers
  • Quality Grade: IPC Class 2 / IPC Class 3
  • Max Board Size: 609*889mm
  • Board Thickness: 0.1~8.0mm
  • Surface Finishes: OSP / HASL / Immersion Silver / Immersion Tin / Plated Gold / Immersion Gold / ENEPIG, etc.
  • Testing and Inspection:  AOI, X-RAY, Controlled Impedance Testing, Flying Probe Testing, FAI, IST, etc.

The PCB manufacturing services provided by JHYPCB include:

Please click here for JHYPCB’s PCB assembly capabilities.

The PCB assembly services provided by JHYPCB include:

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